23 Things ‘Teen Wolf’ Has Taught Us
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23 Things ‘Teen Wolf’ Has Taught Us

Looking back on the show I love more than Stiles loves using sarcasm.

23 Things ‘Teen Wolf’ Has Taught Us

“Teen Wolf” is ending.

The first of the final 10 episodes will be airing on July 30th. I’d love to say it isn’t so, but I’d be kidding myself and all of you. Did anyone else just have tiny violins playing in their head?

Six wild, funny, scary, heartbreaking seasons later, and we have to say goodbye to some of our favorite TV characters. I’ll miss Stiles’ sarcasm and devotion to his friends and family, Scott’s selflessness and determination, Lydia’s boundless intelligence and tenacity. I’ll miss Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, Malia, Peter, Parrish, Derek, Mason, Liam, Kira, Hayden, Jackson, and so many more.

As we prepare for the finale, let's look back on some of the things the show has taught us along the way—the silly and the serious:

1. Be loyal

Scott and his pack always stick together, even when doing so could be a death sentence. Those already in his pack protect the new additions of each season as if they've been there all along (once they move past the initial skepticism, of course). While I'm not condoning throwing yourself into harm's way willy nilly, when a good friend is truly in need, then you should be there to help them.

2. Scott's juice can be bought at the grocery store

This was one of the funniest moments in the first season, so I'd be remiss if I failed to include it. I mean, it's a vital lesson we've learned, right?

3. Love, love, love

Amidst the chaos of Beacon Hills, Scott and his pack seek solace in romance. Love whoever you want to love, and love them with your whole heart, relentlessly.

4. Embrace your awkwardness

Kira is one Beacon Hills resident who has her fair share of awkward moments, and she's still loved by Scott and is a major badass, so don't worry when you put your foot in your mouth (or maybe happen to tumble down a flight of stairs in front of your classmates ;)).

5. Find strength within yourself

We can thank the lovely Melissa McCall for the inspirational quote, "Be your own anchor."

6. Sarcasm is a superb defense mechanism

And as we know, Stiles is fluent.

7. If you fall in a hole, pick yourself back up

This is literal for Liam, (and hilarious/adorable, so I had to find a way to incorporate it into this listicle) but if we look at it through a metaphorical lens, we can think of the hole as the difficulties that hinder us in our life, difficulties we overcome.

8. Be brave

You most certainly do not have to submerge yourself in an ice bath in order to stop an omnipotent Nogistune, but find bravery within yourself for situations that frighten you. You are capable of more than you believe.

9. If you ever need to pretend someone is your cousin, name him Miguel

10. There is always hope

Allison's words of advice ring true for you, too.

11. How to evade direct answers

We can look to Stiles for more than just an instruction manual on how to be sarcastic, but also for the proper way to be comically indirect as a means to omit the truth.

12. We’re all only human

(I know this sounds ironic since the show is called "Teen Wolf," but there are a lot of great human characters, as you know!)

It’s okay to cry, to feel helpless, to feel lost, to make mistakes...it makes us human.

13. Always put a ha-ha at the end of something you intend to be humorous

No need to confuse the recipients of your messages by being vague.

14. Appreciate your family

For their undying love, support, comfort, and pride.

15. A baseball bat is an effective choice of weapon

It's seemed to work out for Stiles thus far.

16. If you find a friendship like Scott and Stiles', cherish it

Seriously, they form the ultimate friendship, basically becoming brothers, which is mentioned in one of my favorite scenes of all time. (Also an extremely well-acted scene that proves Tyler and Dylan were the perfect men for the roles of Scott and Stiles.)

They are each other's backup in possibly disastrous plans.

They survive lacrosse together...

...And high school...

...And hard times

They are my favorite part of "Teen Wolf" because of the incredibly strong bond they share, also meaning they will be the characters I miss most of all.

17. Go big or go home

If you're planning on showing up to a birthday party with a gift smaller than the one Stiles purchases for Lydia, than you are doing it wrong.

18. Always try your hardest

Scott strives to save everyone, and though 100% success is not always achievable, he never stops trying.

Take after Scott, and even if you fail, at least you tried and did so to the best of your abilities. As they say, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!

19. Light blue Jeeps are the best Jeeps

This was the first car in a TV show that I ever got emotionally attached to. It's practically its own character, beloved by all.

20. People can change

Lydia and Malia are prime examples of this, especially Lydia, who went from a character I disliked for her apparent superficiality and disdain for lovable Stiles, to a character I like quite a lot, who is intelligent, kind, and admirable. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and allow them the room to grow into the people you know they can be.

21. What a Stiles is (and that we all want one in our lives)

A Stiles is someone who is sarcastic, funny, handsome, smart, compassionate, clever, baseball-bat-weilding, Jeep-loving, quirky, sentimental, stronger than people think, and an overall outstanding human being made up of 147lbs of pale skin and fragile bone.

22. The true definition of lying

23. Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes

No two heroes in "Teen Wolf" are alike; they think differently, look differently, have different values, and they come from different backgrounds, but the common thread running through all of them is their own version of heroism. It could be saving one person or saving everyone. It could be being a hero to oneself or to one's family. Scott is a hero. Lydia is a hero. Stiles is a hero. Melissa is a hero. In fact, Beacon Hills is full of heroes.

Goodbye "Teen Wolf," and thank you to the beautiful, spectacular cast who brought the show to life!

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