With the cold weather officially here (sadly) all of us basic girls have begun hopping on the newest fashion trend: teddy bear coats. What's not to love? They're beyond comfortable and remind you of your favorite childhood stuffed animal. If you're in college like me, you've contemplated just living in yours. After all, it's the only thing that seems to make classes a little less painful (read: allows you to pretend you're still in bed instead of in class).

However I have come to a conclusion most of us may not want to hear: bear coats are the new UGG. We all remember the trend of boots that weren't particularly stylish but unbelievably comfortable. They lasted throughout our middle school years and into high school until they slowly faded out as combat boots and converse became the new norm.

Of course, us college students really never gave up on our UGGs. When you have to walk to class in cold weather there's nothing better to wear. But the realization that teddy bear coats are in fact the new UGG makes me worried that these fluffy wardrobe pieces of happiness may soon be hitting the clearance racks by next fall. When is their expiration date? Is there a way to prevent their extinction? Should we start the protesting now? If you haven't gotten in on this trend yet, I'd get to ordering your own teddy bear coat ASAP.