20 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile Things Girls Think About Ted Bundy In 2019
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20 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile Things Girls Think About Ted Bundy In 2019

Ladies, you know he didn't look exactly like Zac Efron, right?

20 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile Things Girls Think About Ted Bundy In 2019

Here are some common things girls think about Ted Bundy in 2019:

1. He's Intelligent

I mean as sick as it is, he did manage to get away with how many murders over the course of how long? He's a smart man.

2. He's educated

Women love an educated man who knows what he's talking about, and Bundy was just that. Especially in the interrogation room.

3. He's charming

From his yellow volkswagen to his irresistable smile to the brown locks on his head, we love it all.

4. He has a car, so he's automatically attractive

Women and girls in high school are automatically turned on when they see that a man they like has a car. This means he can play the man role and drive you to and from dates. Cars = attractiveness.

5. He's handsome

As previously mentioned, his hair, his smile, those teeth, and those eyes that glisten with lies and deceit, we can't get enough of it!

6. His voice

Both low and slow, we love a man whose voice brings comfort and ease to our busy minds. Bundy's voice did just that. It makes me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July.

7. He came from a great family

All women love a man who comes from a great, functional family. Ted Bundy was no exception to the picture perfect family.

8. He was organized

Though he was an organized killer, he had his shit together- which women love.

9. His looks dominate his personality

Which is shallow and unusual when women start developing feelings for a man. Usually women aim for personality over looks. Not in the case of Ted Bundy. HIs looks cancel out the fact that he murdered many women and was a manipulative criminal.

10. He'd be a good husband

Minus the whole serial killer thing, there are no characteristics that make this man not husband worthy. He loved his mom, came from a typical American family, was handsome, and intelligent. Is it fair to compare him to President Kennedy?

11. His hotness and white privilege would set him free in 2019

Bundy fits the criteria for being the average white privileged American man. So what he was a murderer and rapist? He has money, good looks, and an education. In 2019 we wouldn't ever dream of ruining a white mans life like this!

12. He wouldn't be that bad of a partner

I don't even have to say any more. He'd be an ideal partner, if only he wasn't a serial killer.

13. The fact that Zac Efron played his role makes him hotter

Zac Efron has been a total heartthrob since 2008, there's no denying that. So having him play the role as Ted Bundy, automatically makes him (Bundy) so much more attractive.

14.  He basically held celebrity status in his community

He was a womanizer and was well known by women in his neighborhood and home town. Women seemed to fall at his feet, which made him feel like a celebrity. What woman wouldn't want a celebrity husband?

15. He's ripped

You've got to be in great shape if your'e going to drag dead (and virtually heavy) women to hide their bodies. Can you imagine the arms this man must've had?

16. He didn't have the eyes of a killer

His icy blue eyes have more to them than serial killer characteristics. When has any woman ever resisted the eyes of a man? I'd say never.

17. He dressed to impress

Women love men who dress up, look classy, and smell good. Bundy was all of these things, so why wouldn't we love him?

18. He had a sort of sexy edginess to him

Women love a man who also not only is sweet, but also has these edgy characteristics to them. Edgy is the new sexy.

19. Hybristophilia

When partners are sexually attracted or aroused by knowing their partners have committed a crime.

20. He was successful and professional

Even in the interrogation room, he didn't lose his cool. He remained calm and collected for the most part. And most women look for this in a man, especially if the woman is as dramatic as me. We need a man who can keep their cool and remain calm when we lash out at them. Ted Bundy was a classic example of how men should act.

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