Things I Learned From Teaching The Freshman Bible Study
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Things I Have Learned From Leading A Freshman Girl's Bible Study

The love of God teaches us so much.

Things I Have Learned From Leading A Freshman Girl's Bible Study

This past year I have had the opportunity to help with the RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) Freshman Girl's Bible Study. The fall semester I was working with one of my friends and our female RUF intern, who was the primary leader of the group. My friend and I were mostly there to help facilitate conversation and add little bits of information when there was something to be said. Starting spring semester my friend and I were given the reins with a set study to do, but we had become the leaders of the Bible Study.

We have been going through the book of Philippians in the New Testament written as a letter of encouragement to the Philippian church. I have studied this book countless times and each time I learn something different or find different ways to apply the lessons to my life.

This time through the book I thought of things that I had never thought of before, because of different points and questions that the freshman girls brought up in conversation. I was always blown away by the ideas that they brought to the table. I would think back to my freshman year and I wasn't able to remember myself being as bold or confident in questions and answers.

I think this speaks a lot to the fellowship and community that I have found in RUF and how it has really grown even within the past year. When I look at this group of girls I see people that feel comfortable being themselves around each other and are so full of love and support for one another. They aren't afraid to ask questions about the Bible, school, or life; even when they know it is going to be a tough answer.

The group often completely throws me for a loop when they come up with questions that I don't know and didn't see coming. It creates a unique opportunity for us all to go looking for the answer together and discuss possible ways for us to answer the question. We share how our days have been, and how they have really really been, not the glamorous version that is on social media. We share prayer requests and pray for one another during the good times and the very difficult times. We pass various snacks around the circle and share hugs and funny stories from the weekend.

These girls are driven and determined. They have come to Emory University to change the world. Each one has different interests, hobbies, and come from different backgrounds. The thing that they all have in common though, is their love for Emory, their love for God, and their love for each other.

I will always be so thankful for this opportunity to get to work with these girls and get to know them so well over this past year. They encourage me constantly and I really am so excited to see what these amazing women do in the future.

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