21 Taylor Swift Songs That Are Just Too Relatable

She may be a 10-time Grammy award-winning artist, have the appearance of a supermodel, and the voice of an angel, but she is still human. As far as we know... But despite the fact she is this beautiful shining star, she is still a woman with feelings just like us. The only difference is that she expresses them in such a way she is able to make millions. But because she does we are blessed with her amazing songs and her beautiful voice. Here are some of her incredible songs that could've been written about us.

1. Bad Blood

We have all had relationships turn sour and cause an explosive rivalry. Maybe not all are as extreme as the music video, but it sure seems like it...

2. I Knew You Were Trouble

The classic bad boy. We all fawn over him hoping not to get our hearts broken. But what happens next?

3. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

4. Fifteen

High school. New guys. First loves. Moral of the story, it doesn't always last and high school isn't the most important time of your life.

5. Shake It Off

6. White Horse

We all thought we have met the perfect guy at one point or another, but that is not always the case.

7. Mean

Yet another song about not sweatin' the haters! Just remember you are gonna shine brighter than all the other people who try to drag you down.

8. Never Grow Up

Being an adult is hard. If we never grew up we wouldn't have student loans to deal with. If only we listened to you, Taylor...

9. You Belong With Me

10. Begin Again

Even after heartache, you can still find your way back into love. Especially when you least expect it.

11. Today Was A Fairytale

Life may not be a fairytale, but it has its moments.

12. Invisible

Sometimes you wish you could just tell someone how you feel but doing so is too scary or risky.

13. A Perfectly Good Heart

14. A Place In This World

We have all felt alone and not knowing where we are supposed to be doing in life. But we can get through it and stay strong.

15. 22

I am 99 percent sure that most girls, and even some guys, use these lyrics on their 22nd birthday.

16. Clean

Finally being clean of your ex is a wonderous feeling...

17. Picture to Burn

Imma finish, but first, can I just say how bomb she looks in this video! And the reason this song is relatable is obvious.

18. I Wish You Would

While many past partners are easy to forget and get over, there will always be at least one you wish would come back or at least know you will never forget them.

19. How You Get The Girl

Listen up, boys! This is how you can possibly get a girl back after you royally messed up! Take advice from the expert herself.

20. Enchanted

21. Last Kiss

There are some relationships you just really thought would go the distance...

You're all welcome.

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