Taylor Swift is allowed to own her music.

The music world was rocked on Sunday, when Taylor Swift announced that Scooter Braun, known for managing Justin Bieber Kanye West, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, had just purchased her masters. Her former record label executive, Scott Borchetta, had blocked Taylor from owning her masters. He even tried to force her into another time binding contract to own them. However, the minute Taylor left his shady ass, he sold them to Scooter. Taylor ended up finding out over the Internet. In other words, Taylor no longer owns her first six albums. I know it's terrible.

Even though this is so obviously bad, because this happened to Taylor Swift, people are enjoying it.

In Taylor's post, she mentions how Scooter and his clients have mistreated her, her whole saga with Kanye, Justin posting a photo with him and Kanye shading her, etc. Naturally, people have accused her of "bullying" Scooter, with his wife saying that at Taylor "collects friends and leaves them" and "brought their kids into it," even though she didn't. Even some pop stars are going against her, by liking Scooter's wife's post. Demi also accused people of bringing her into it, even though she wasn't being mentioned at all.

People are actually okay with someone not owning the products of their thirteen year long career. People are okay with a shady executive taking a woman's work. Why? Because its Taylor Swift, and she can't do anything right.

Scooter Braun has been a dick for a long time now. According to his former client, Todrick Hall, Braun is openly homophobic and hates Taylor. He also dropped Madison Beer for no reason. Scooter also pushes his acts to do things they don't want. According to former boy band, The Wanted, Scooter pushed them into partying too hard. He has fucked with Carly Rae Jepsen's career many times; only promoting Call Me Maybe, forcing her to release I Really Like You as a lead single instead of Run Away With Me, and releasing her album in Japan ahead of date. Reportedly, he has his assistant manage Carly and even used her money to manage his "favorite" clients, Bieber and Ariana. He doesn't even treat Ariana correctly; forcing her to keep touring after the Manchester attacks, and putting a song about Mac Miller that she thought was too personal to release on her album.

Luckily, Taylor has some heavy hitters on her side. Todrick and Martha Hunt are speaking up on Twitter. Many people have unfollowed Scooter, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Little Mix, and Lady Gaga being examples. There's even a petition to get Taylor her songs back, and Gaga, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, and Troye Sivan, are among many who have signed. Group Delta Rae has left Borchetta's label in support, and Swifties are rallying behind them.

In other words, people deserve their work. Let them have it.

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