What Makes Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour So Special

Whether you love or hate Taylor Swift, she has come out of hiding and she's really doing better than ever. Taylor took an almost three-year break after her 1989 tour. Now, she is back with her new album, Reputation, and is two shows away from concluding the Reputation Stadium Tour (in North America at least).

Swift spoke about her 1989 tour in interviews and claimed that she could not top this tour, but contrary to her belief, she has. The Reputation stadium tour alone has made $200 million in sales and has even broken multiple attendance records at stadiums across the United States. Swift has even broken her own record for top-grossing tours in the US by a woman. With all of this being said, Taylor Swift puts on a production like no other that attracts people from all over the world to come see her perform.

Here are 13 reasons why Taylor Swift's tour is better than any other tour you've been to before:

1. The New Taylor

The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, so in the meantime, the new Taylor is taking over. The new Taylor Swift has taken criticism and hate and has turned it into a record-breaking tour. The songs on the Reputation album are nothing like Taylor Swift has done before which is what makes this tour so intriguing. One minute she's singing about breaking hearts, the next she's obsessing over a boy who is so gorgeous. In reality, the new Taylor is just a better version of the old Taylor, but don't be fooled; the old Taylor makes multiple appearances throughout this tour.

2. Backup Dancers

All 16 backup dancers for this show are diverse, of all ages, and extremely talented. The youngest dancer is an 18-year-old girl from Houston, Texas. Some of the dancers have been on previous tours with Taylor but they all have extremely big reputations.

3. The Set List

Taylor not only plays every single song on the Reputation album (except "So It Goes..." it's fine) but also plays at least one song from every album she has ever released. "Love Story," "Should Have Said No" (my 6-year-old self's favorite song), and "Style" are just a few that the crowd went crazy over.

4. The Stage

The stage floor itself is a screen; there were videos of snakes moving, pictures of Taylor's cats, and other graphics that went along with the backdrop and the song she was singing. Not only was the stage itself amazing, but there were also props like a giant snake, a tilted stage, and giant drums that the backup dancers used. She also has two small stages that fly her back and forth over the audience so she can be closer to fans that are higher up. Of course, it wouldn't be a Taylor Swift production if there wasn't confetti and fireworks... and a working water fountain that she dances in at the end of the show.

5. Opening Acts

Charli XCX and Camilla Cabello opened for Taylor and even sang with her during "Shake It Off." Usually, people don't enjoy or typically know artists that open for concerts, but everyone was singing during these two's performances.

6. Costumes

The costumes for this tour are like no other. Taylor has had costumes being made for her constantly throughout the tour, so for every other show she switches her outfits up. She changes some part of her costume for almost every song of the show. All of the costumes are full of glitter, sequins, and sparkles.

7. Light Up Bracelets

This was an element that Taylor decided to put in her 1989 tour and the fans loved it so much that she kept it. When you walk into the stadium, you're handed a bracelet with a tab in it. When the show starts, you take the tab out and it lights up different colors to the beat of the songs that Taylor is singing. It even makes pictures and designs through the audience by lighting up at different times and switching colors.

8. Special Guests

If you were at a show that was lucky enough to get a special guest, you got to listen to Taylor sing songs with some of her favorite artists. Singers like Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Troy Sivan, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, and Niall Horan are just a few that appeared on different nights of Taylor Swift's tour.

9. She Walks Through The Crowd

Taylor walking through the crowd was a big deal to her fans, for this tour especially. It's so different because not many other artists do this and because Taylor did not do it at the 1989 tour for personal reasons. This year she decided she would continue to do it like years in the past and fans were very excited about it.

10. B Stage Song

This was a tradition that Taylor started for the Reputation tour this year. She picks one lesser-known song, a song she's never played live, or even a bonus track from one of the albums at every concert. Everyone looks forward to knowing which surprise song she will play for their specific show. When I went in August, she sang "This Love" which is on the 1989 album.

11. Pre-Show Activities

Before the show, you can take Polaroid pictures in the throne from "Look What You Made Me Do" music video and in front of the album cover. She also has screens all over the stadium that show you behind the scenes footage of the tour, music videos, and the recordings of songs.

12. Her Speeches

Taylor always has two long talks throughout her concerts and she explains what she's been going through and why she wrote certain songs. They're really inspiring and show her fans that she's a human just like everyone else. She also takes time to thank everyone for coming, whether they've been a fan for years or weeks. She even thanks all of the people that help make the show happen, like security and the crew that sets the stage up.

13. The Possible Free Meet And Greet

Hardcore Taylor Swift fans know that you possibly have the opportunity to meet her completely free. You can do this one of two ways: get her attention on social media (Tumblr is her favorite) and she will pick you before the show starts to meet her. The second way is to dress up at the concert and just have a good time; Taylor's mom picks fans from all over the venue to get the opportunity of a lifetime. She invites you to a room called the rep room where you eat and talk with others who got picked. Then you meet her and take a picture together. Taylor meets people before shows, after shows, then goes on Tumblr to talk to even more fans #dedication. I do not know of a celebrity that cares about their fans more.

The Reputation stadium tour may be coming to an end but it is a tour I'll never forget.

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