Taylor Swift's "folklore" Is Here, And This Is What Fans Are Thinking Of It
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Taylor Swift's "folklore" Is Here, And This Is What Fans Are Thinking Of It

"You put me on and said I was your favorite"

Taylor Swift's "folklore" Is Here, And This Is What Fans Are Thinking Of It

Taylor Swift announced yesterday morning that her 8th studio album, "folklore," was going to be released at midnight alongside a music video for her first single, "cardigan," and the internet blew up over it.

It is officially out, and Swifties are raving about it. I'm personally listening to it right now, so I can safely say the hype did not disappoint. Taylor once again did not disappoint.

The album has a different kind of vibe to it, a calmer and more mature sound to it. It isn't really pop-filled, instead it's filled with ballads and softer songs. Cute little songs.

So, what are Swifties thinking? Well lucky for you, I see it all on my stan twitter account. Yup, I'm that kind of Swiftie, and I'm proud. Let's go through it track by track...

Track 1: "the 1"

"The cutest song I've ever heard." Seems like the first track on this album is not disappointing!

Taylor did THAT. Been there, done that. This song is relatable for almost anyone at some point.

Track 2: "cardigan"

If you don't turn it up during this line, you're not truly experiencing the song to the fullest potential.

Some theories behind the music video have already emerged...what do YOU think about this? Coincidence or not?

Track 3: "the last great american dynasty"

Production? Perfect. Lyrics? Flawless. A bop? Confirmed by myself and other Swifties.

For reference: "The Lucky One" is a song from her RED album. Listen to it then listen to this song. Similarities? Swifties seem to think so!

Track 4: "exile ft. Bon Iver"

AGREED. This song put me in my feels. One I personally turned up. You could say it's....gorgeous.

Be warned: Exile really does hit the feels. Be cautious continuing....

Track 5: "my tears ricochet"

Ah yes, the track 5 effect. That is all I need to say.

Do I really need to say much about this one? I think these tweets sum it up. BRB crying.

Track 6: "mirrorball"

Taylor is out here making us really think about our lives.

*Taylor giving us all hugs through a song*

Track 7: "seven"

One word: DREAMY

Of course she would...I mean, why wouldn't she?

Track 8: "august"

Old Taylor? Is that you? I thought you were dead...

YUP. That bridge was something else. In a good way.

Track 9: "this is me trying"

Taylor Swift's music is therapy. She gets us.

Confirmed: Definitely a song to have on repeat.

Track 10: "illicit affairs"

I think it's safe to say you need a box of tissues for this album...

In case you need a full on analysis...Swifties got you.

Track 11: "invisible string"

This song will heal your soul.


Track 12: "mad woman"

This one was not how Swifties imagined it for sure.

Oof, is this one shade? She went off...

Track 13: "epiphany"

A fairy realm? Count me in.

Swifties definitely getting descriptive on this one. It takes you to a new world.

Track 14: "betty"

That key change hit Swifties differently...

2006 Taylor? Is that you? Again, I thought the old Taylor was dead...?

Track 15: "peace"

If you really think about it, this makes sense and is SO SAD.

The lyrics? Heartbreaking. This could've been her track 5, but then again this whole album is filled with track 5s.

Track 16: "hoax"


A perfect ending to the album, confirmed. Enough said.

Overall, Swifties seem very impressed by this album. It definitely is slower and emotional. This is a new approach to an album for Taylor, and I'm here for it.

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