I love Taylor Swift. I'm a rather new 'Swiftie', not getting into her music until after 1989 came out in 2014. However, 1989 was (and still is) my jam. I can't say that I related to the album necessarily, but I loved it nonetheless. Before 1989, I didn't even know that I could like every single song on an album.

However, instead of exploring Taylor's older works, I stuck with what I loved and proceeded to listen to 1989 on repeat for the next three years.

Then, Reputation came out in 2017 and I came to love it, too. Once I had enough time to binge listen to Reputation, I decided that it was time to explore all of Taylor's other albums.

It was a different kind of love, but I found myself appreciating Swift's earlier works, too. Sure, they tended to be a bit cheesy now, but if I had listened to them when they originally came out, I can only imagine how my quirky middle school self would've latched on to the lyrics.

Going back and listening to all of her albums really showed me how her music documented her growing up. Her songs have progressed from young love and wallow anthems to finding the long-lasting love while still realizing that there is more to life.

As you can tell, I really enjoy Taylor Swift's music. I could honestly go on and on, but here is neither the time nor the place.

However, I love that I love Taylor Swift. I can always come back to her music and find something that fits my mood.

Music is such a powerful medium of art and being able to find an artist or two that you truly love and connect with is so amazing. I can't relate to 90% of Taylor's songs and lyrics, yet I find myself belting out the lyrics of the songs anyways. I get so angry at the fictitious guy that cheated on me in "Should've Said No." I feel so playful whenever I dramatically sing along to "Blank Space."

Whenever I go without listening to Taylor Swift for a while (aka when I'm listening to music with friends that don't like her), I always find myself itching to go back to her music. In a weird way, it's a safe place for me.

I truly hope that everyone has an artist like that. Someone whose music you can relate to on a personal level. An artist whose music you can't relate to, yet still appreciate. An artist who's grown up for the world to see. An artist who's just getting started. An artist whose lyrics captivate personal experiences. An artist who values the whole production.

Go out and find your own Taylor Swift.

If you already have one, go listen to them... I know you want to.