Tattoos Are Amazing Storytellers

Tattoos Are Amazing Storytellers

Adding unique and beautiful pictures to your body is the best type of story.

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Tattoos are beautiful and each one tells a different story. I have two tattoos and desperately want more. They're an amazing addition to the blank canvas that is the human body. Not only are they pretty to look at, but sometimes they have deep stories behind them. I don't regret either of my tattoos and am sure of the ones I want in the future. I would never try to force someone to tattoo themselves but I will always and forever encourage it. I'm proud of what my tattoos are, why I got them and absolutely love explaining them.

My first tattoo (pictured above) has two meanings. It is a bass clef and treble clef forming a heart and was done a little over two years ago. This symbolized my love for music and singing because even though it isn't my career goal, it is and has always been a huge part of my life. Also, this reminds me of my dad and his love that he passed to me. He has a band and though it's not my favorite type of music there is no denying the talent and love for music embodied in my father. This is a bond that we've had all my life and it always makes me feel close to him, even when I'm miles away. Even though everyone enjoys music, we understand music in a way some people don't. I love my father and what we share and this will be a way to remember him and feel like he is always with me no matter what.

My second tattoo (pictured above on my best friend) is almost two years old. My best friend for life (friends before birth, seriously) wanted to get her first tattoo and I was honored when she said she wanted to share it with me. It has a beloved quote from Toy Story with a twist. Instead of "To infinity and beyond" we substituted the infinity sign and it has the word "friends" inserted into a loop. Even though my boyfriend likes to tease about this, I absolutely love the decision to do it. Again, always having the memory of her with me helps when we're away at separate colleges.

This is a picture I found on Pinterest, which almost all the rest of the tattoos have derived from. I do not want to copy anyone's skin art, but rather use it as inspiration. This is a tattoo of a hummingbird silhouette with watercolor wings and will be my final piece that goes with the theme of matching someone. This one I plan to get with my mom on my upper arm with a quote that has yet to be decided. My mom is quite possibly my very best friend. She's been there when I've cried myself to sleep, I've called her at 3 a.m. to have someone to talk to, and she's given everything to me. I want to carry her around with me as well. As soon as it is financially possible we will be getting this tattoo.

This one I designed myself with a quote from Doctor Who that I just loved. I plan to have this as my fourth tattoo. I've always had big dreams and I've always been ambitious and worked toward my goals without stopping. I would love to have something to remind myself of that.

I also love this idea that once again comes from surfing on Pinterest. Remember, I don't wish to get an exact copy but simply something similar. I love Alice in Wonderland but it goes much further than that. This quote reminds me that everyone can be "mad" in their own way which reminds me that who I am is not something to be ashamed of.

If you can't tell yet, I absolutely love watercolor and I hope to add this to my collection when I get the nerve to sit this long and go through that much pain. This tattoo doesn't have a strong meaning behind it. I simply love flowers and so does my mother and grandmother. They both keep them and I will always remember their excitement when they get a new flower to bud.

These are the tattoos that I'm 100% sure on. I would also like to get a type of Pokemon tattoo to remember my childhood and a semicolon to represent the strength it takes me to be me sometimes and get through my depression and anxiety. Tattoos are honestly one of my favorite things in the world and can always be customized to what you want. There are tons of styles, colors, and ideas. Go out there and get inked! (Do so responsibly, of course.)

P.S. I'm absolutely in love with my best friend's newest addition pictured below:

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