Target Tales That Will Help You See The Silver Lining
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Target Tales That Will Help You See The Silver Lining

These stories make me forget that my problems and worries if just for a little bit.

Target Tales That Will Help You See The Silver Lining

A couple weeks ago, my step-mom sent me a link to an article about a Target employee who documented his first week at Target. I read it and by the end, I was crying, I was laughing so hard! I looked into finding more about these stories and the guy who wrote them. Tom Grennell is amazing at making you laugh at these crazy Target stories. These stories are so great that I would love to go to this Target to meet him and these ludicrous customers. You can find more of his encounters on his Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Every time I read these stories I can't help but feel happy and joyful. These stories make me forget that my problems and worries if just for a little bit. These stories make me want to go to either of my jobs just to see if someone will do anything worth telling.

A big problem with my depression is that I don't always want to get out of bed or do things, but then I read Tom's Target Retales and I think, if Tom can meet people that interesting in Target, what's to say that I can't by just going outside my room? Finding this silver lining is extremely important.

Here are a couple of my favorite Target Retales:

-"A college boy spilled a bottle of Axe on my conveyor belt. For the next hour I smelled nothing except toxic masculinity and overcompensation."

-"A woman refused discounts in all forms: Target card, Cartwheel coupon app, paper coupons. She insisted that any form of discount was akin to selling the store her soul."

-"I inadvertently taught an infant how to stick her tongue out at people. She was thrilled. I was thrilled. Her parents were not."

-"A customer came through looking nervous. She leaned over the counter. She whispered to me. Someone had pooped in the baby supplies aisle. All evidence pointed to it not being a baby."

-"Attempts were made to review the security footage of the day an adult pooped in the baby aisle. These were in vain and whoever attempted to frame a baby for their dirty business is still at large."

-"An elderly man in a fedora pushed two full carts into my lane. They were both filled to the brim. He bought 52 12-packs of Mountain Dew. 12 were diet. He repeatedly told me he was 80 years old. As I handed him his receipt, he leaned in and whispered, “I’m going to get DRUNK.” He pointed at his carts, smiled at me, and scurried away with his definitively alcoholic purchase. I wonder if he knows. I wonder if he cares."

I encourage you to read Tom's stories of these wonderful, interesting human beings and I hope it challenges you to look for that interesting wonderfulness in people around you.

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