What I Think About When I Talk About Love

What I Think About When I Talk About Love

How does one experience love?

In my family, love is never in short supply.

Hugs and kisses abound, I see my mother cook food after she gets home from work, regardless of how tired she is. I hear my father’s stories and lectures for the nth time in an attempt for me to learn the lessons of life. I get annoyed when my sister tries to do one thing or another trying to get to do one thing or another.

But this concoction of respect and affection form a home in which everyone is welcome.

There were days when I would isolate myself from my family because I had to do homework during my spare time. Yet, at the end of the day, I knew they would always be by me. That was love—committing to making other people happy and, at the same time, having fun.

In contrast, I have never been in a romantic relationship.

I’ve had many friends in the past; I would get along with them through game, conversations, and banter. In middle school, when some students saw me getting close to a couple of boys, they assumed I “liked them”.

Of course, in this case, “liking them” was different from liking them in a friendly way. “Liking them” meant wanting to fall in love with them. The conversational and emotional warmth became physical. It starts with hand-holding, then proceeds to cuddling and kissing.

This was as far as one would imagine teenage romance back in the eighth grade. While I did enjoy having company with them, it didn’t extend to having a romantic relationship.

Back then, love was being able to spend hours with a person on end, without regret to where the time went. It was always feeling warm and excited when the one you love even passes by.

Yet in this time, as well as now, it was more infatuation. It was seeing the future with them without the trials and tribulations real love had to offer.

Because I’ve never been in a romantic relationship, I don't know what it means to struggle to make time for someone. I don't know what it means to be disloyal to them and to confront the consequences of deceit. I wouldn't know about the little things that didn't show up in movies.

Instead, it’s more like seeing my parents every day when they eat, talk, and watch TV together.

In other words, I have yet to experience the joy and stability which comes with a caring, romantic relationship. And that’s okay.

While several of my classmates have either gotten engaged or married, I’m busy focusing on my life through education and other pursuits. I want to cultivate myself so I would love myself and love somebody else the way my parents and relatives love me.

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To The Grandmothers Who Made Us The Women We Are Today

Sincerely, the loving granddaughters.

The relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter is something so uniquely special and something to be treasured forever.

Your grandma loves you like you are her own daughter and adores you no matter what. She is the first person you run to when you have a problem with your parents and she never fails to grace you with the most comforting advice.

She may be guilty of spoiling you rotten but still makes sure to stress the importance of being thankful and kind.

Your grandma has most likely lived through every obstacle that you are experiencing now as a young adult and always knows just exactly what to say.

She grew up in another generation where things were probably much harder for young women than they are today.

She is a walking example of perseverance, strength, and grace who you aim to be like someday.

Your grandma teaches you the lessons she had to learn the hard way because she does not want you to make the same mistakes she did when she was growing up.

Her hugs never fail to warm your heart, her smile never fails to make you smile, and her laugh never fails to brighten your day.

She inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

You only hope that one day you can be the mother and grandmother she was to you.

A piece of girl’s heart will forever belong to her grandma that no one could ever replace.

She is the matriarch of your family and is the glue that holds you all together.

Grandmothers play such an important role in helping their granddaughters to grow into strong, intelligent, kind women.

She teaches you how to love and how to forgive.

Without the unconditional love of your grandma, you would not be the woman you are today.

To all of the grandmothers out there, thank you for being you.


the loving granddaughters

Cover Image Credit: Carlie Konuch

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Dear Fellas, Consistency & Communication Is All We Ask For

So, why aren't we getting the same?


Dear fellas (who fall under this category of course),

As you can tell from my title, it's time to talk about the problems with MOST guys in today's generation. This article isn't meant to bash all of you, but most of you need a reality check when it comes to. I'll start with this:

It's really annoying when most of you guys start a good conversation with us and then it eventually dies out because you lose interest in us. You even label things as "the talking stage," which to this day, I still don't understand the purpose of that. You come in our messages and go for long periods of time, only to message us weeks later like nothing happened. The excuses are tiring and pathetic, yet you claim that you care and you were just busy with work/school.

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What I do know, is that if you actually cared about someone, you would be invested in that person and not disappear. We shouldn't always have to be the ones to triple text and make an effort. Once we find our self-worth, its hard to settle for less at this point. If you don't feel the same way, please communicate with us and let us know. There's one thing people hate and that's wasting precious time. If you do "like us," be consistent. We don't appreciate the half-of-everything type.

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Life is short and it's time to grow up.

Also, notice how I keep saying "most" of you guys. However, if you feel offended by this article, it's probably you who needs to change.

Thank you for coming to my unofficial TED Talk!

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