“This election draws into relief how women are penalized for not being perfect while men are rewarded for not being terrible,” -Erin Gloria Ryan

This is the first presidential election I am eligible to vote for, as are many of my friends. As we approach election day, I am quickly becoming further anxious. I have watched all three presidential debates. I have discussed the candidates in each of my classes to some degree. I am being constantly shocked at the horrendous things Donald Trump proclaims in public view. Believing that since he is well-known, he can do what he wishes to women. He believes he can kiss them or grab them by their genitalia whenever he wishes. He demonized late-term abortions during the last debate, explaining it as ripping “baby out of the womb on the ninth month on the final day.” This thought process is misguided, it only creates confusion and fear. In almost every case, women who have a procedure to no longer be pregnant late in their pregnancies do not do so out of cruelty or of simply do not wish to have a baby. This is often because the baby has little to no chance of survival once born. This is not murder; this is saving the mother from excessive suffering.

Donald Trump made a comment during a rally that he could go out into the street and shoot a person, and he would still have a loyal following. He calls women by despicable names. He seems to value women only on their physical attributes, and not truly about who they are as people. A total of 11 women have publicly stepped forward, stating that Donald Trump sexually assulted them. He has said inflammatory things about immigrants, leading to widespread racism and islamophobia.

I do not understand how people still support his candidacy for president. This man has proved himself to be a negative influence over and over again. Nothing can be done if people do not vote. It seems to be a consensus in most of my classes that Donald Trump is not the right candidate for president. He is a not a politician, true, but this also means he doesn’t hold any experience about running a country. He is supported by an insane amount of Americans, proving the quote above to be only too true in this situation.

Now, I will not by any means tell people that Hillary Clinton is completely perfect. She is not, and I recognize this. However, when faced with a man who may very well begin the next world war, and a woman who has supported more problematic things, I choose Hillary. I honestly cannot wrap my mind around people supporting Donald Trump over her. The one thing I continue to come back to is how prevalent sexism is in our world. She supports gender equality, which shouldn’t be something anyone has to fight for in the first place. I support her heavily on her social issues, especially in the cases of LGBTQ+ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and gun control. Although she has not always been the most liberal candidate, I appreciate the fact that she adapts with the times. Similarly, I support her on immigration reform, and environmental issues. Keep in mind that Donald Trump said that global warming is a hoax created by China. Hillary Clinton supports common sense gun laws, like closing online and gun show loopholes, and background checks to make certain that Americans stay safe. Given the total amount of mass shootings taking place in our society, this is something that makes complete sense to me. Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of trying to take away the second amendment, even though she clearly explained her point of view.

Hillary Clinton is, in my honest opinion, the best candidate for president in this election. Again, she has her faults as well. Her email scandal is continuously rehashed, even though she was investigated by the FBI and has repeatedly apologized. She has real experience, and answers the questions asked of her in a calm and detailed manor. This is the first election I will be able to vote, and Hillary Clinton has mine.