Taking Care of My Roses
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Taking Care of My Roses

The perfect smelling roses with breath taking colors that stay fresh the year round!

Taking Care of My Roses

The mere sight of flowers is a treat to the eyes. Where you see them blooming in your garden or someone surprises with you with a perfect bouquet, flowers have a lot to say with the color, smell and elegance. As good as the flowers seem to the eyes, so the short life span once they are cut. To feel good in a garden with roses flourishing all around may seem delightful but the fear of not taking proper care is always there. Similarly, if bouquets need to last longer they need to be taken care of. Shopalarose has the solution to your problems. Here you may find the perfect smelling roses with breath taking colors, that stay fresh the year round!

Nevertheless, proper maintenance is the key to your roses that last for a year or longer than others. Everyone loves to plant roses in their garden. Roses are a garden friendly plant and bloom fast if taken care of properly. Roses are planted preferably in early spring so that they bloom full in summers.

Although they bool the year round other than winters. A full six hours of sunlight is a must for these plants. Watering, fertilizing, pruning plants and protecting them from the harshness of winter are all steps to make your roses thrive. Rose plants need plenty of water so need to be soaked in water.

They need fertilizers which provide the soil with a rich and balanced dose of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential minerals which are especially necessary for a healthy growth of plants and the rose hip fruit. Keeping your plant groomed and removing all sorts of dead wood and weeds helps to improve the plant growth.

Pruning the plant during the fall and winter and to exact length will help enhance the growth. Also keeping the soil surface clear will help absorb more water and sunlight which will directly affect the blooming of the plant.

Rose plants need to be protected in the winter using different techniques.

Just like you may have a special association with the flowers in your garden, so will you cherish a special bouquet from a loved one. Similarly, if the roses in your bouquet are taken care of, they will last longer. To keep your roses fresh, take out the stems of the flowers and remove the leaves.

The stems must be trimmed while they are placed in water. The flowers may be checked by pressing them whether they are fresh on not. These flowers are then placed in a vase or jar of water. If flowers are wilting an immediate solution of sugar and water can help them to give a fresh look. However, if the flowers are fresh they may be placed immersed in water with flower food in it.

Flower food is a powder with nutrients essential for flowers.

To avoid bacterial growth inside the vase aspirin may be used along this. This water is changed every 3 to 4 days and a fresh solution poured to keep the flowers from wilting. Bouquets are placed in a cool place as a warm room will leave the roses dehydrated. For shorter periods of time, the stems may be placed in a refrigerator to avoid wilting. Also if you need to pick flowers from a garden for a bouquet they must be picked in the morning hours. In these hours the sun is low and the flowers are at their peak freshness. As the day moves on the flowers are less fresh.

The arrangement from Shopalarose does not require such tedious methods of maintenance. These roses need to be wiped clean with the help of a cloth. They also must not be removed from their boxes so as to avoid distorting the arrangement.

They need not be watered and must not be placed in hot and humid weather conditions. Such roses have already been preserved and are ready to look fresh and sweet for a year.

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