This summer is the first time I have taken an online class. The beauty of an online class is that you do not have to actually show up to class and you may be given a longer amount of time to do the work. I can only imagine the stress of having an online class during the school year with other classes and commitments. I added a Spanish minor late in my junior year and now I am playing catch-up in order to have the minor for undergrad. In addition to working three jobs, I have been taking an online accelerated Spanish course through a community college. I definitely recommend taking online classes through a community college because it is much cheaper.

Although I started the class late through no fault of my own, I have been able to keep up with the work. At first, the workload was more than I expected it to be. Knowing nothing about this teacher or this school, I was unsure what the online class was going to be like. Since I also started the class late, I had a lot of catching up to do. I now find myself to be more comfortable with the workload and manage to get the week's assignment done in a day or two. Nevertheless, there are ongoing assignments that require my attention to be done by a certain point. Taking an online class over the summer requires focus and commitment. If you work every day from 8-5 or have children you need to tend to, you may be in over your head. Even though I work three jobs, I have enough free time and flexibility to make the class work. Some assignments may take me an hour to complete while others may only take me a half an hour. I can only imagine how difficult some online classes in other subjects may be!

Taking an online class is a full commitment. If you are disorganized and have trouble focusing, this may not be for you; especially if it is a course over the summer. However, if you can handle it, it is a great way to get some classes out of the way and to keep your mind active. Do your research and look into many options before you commit to an online class. If you do take one now, in the future, in the summer or over the winter, good luck! Expanding your horizons and knowledge is never a bad thing!