It Takes A Village

This is for the people who want to help, and feel like they couldn’t do enough in this past election. I realize not everyone agrees that Trump is dangerous and needs to be stopped. However, Trump did threaten and insult more people than I can count, from the press to Muslims to his opponents’ wives. And I didn’t really know how, but I wanted to be an ally.

On November 8th, I was hopeful hard work and intelligence would pay off for Hillary Clinton. When it didn’t, I felt awful. I felt like I had failed in some way, because a candidate who was so angry and hateful toward the world had won. It’s taken a lot to keep going in this fight.

If people out there feel the same way, I want to say not to give up. Everyone has different strengths and different situations, and everyone is doing the best they can.

Don’t feel like you have to carry the world on your shoulders, my ambitious siblings. Look around at all the people who are with you. People who can carry a bit more when you’re tired. I’m still learning this lesson.

I think if we support each other, and have faith that fairness and love will win, we can accomplish a lot.

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