35 Of Life's Little Moments Worth Stopping To Appreciate
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35 Of Life's Little Moments Worth Stopping To Appreciate

Find beauty in the little things.

35 Of Life's Little Moments Worth Stopping To Appreciate
Photo by Peter de Vink from Pexels

Life is made up of moments, most of which we take for granted or overlook. If you take the time to notice and appreciate these small moments, that's when you'll find happiness from within.

1. Getting a package in the mail.

2. Warm clothes from the dryer.

3. Waking up realizing you have hours left to sleep.

4. Hearing a baby laugh.

5. Good hair days.

6. A beautiful view.

7. Deep conversations at 1 am.

8. Cuddles with your dog.

9. Uncontrollable laughter with your friends.

10. Taking the first bite of your favorite meal.

11. Catching a firefly.

12. Taking off your shoes after you get home.

13. Seeing a full moon.

14. Watching the sunrise or sunset.

15. Listening to your favorite song.

16. Receiving a compliment.

17. Seeing a rainbow.

18. Taking a cool shower after sweating.

19. Getting a good grade on an assignment.

20. Making someone smile.

21. Reading a good book.

22. Watching your favorite movie.

23. Waking up to snow on the ground.

24. Soaking in the sunshine.

25. Getting a full night's sleep.

26. The smell of a candle.

27. Sitting by a fire.

28. An unexpected call from a loved one.

29. A nice cup of coffee.

30. Finding a flower in your garden.

31. A bubble bath.

32. Making every green light on the way to work.

33. Getting a smile from a stranger.

34. A meaningful hug.

35. Trying something new.

What people fail to realize is that the small things in life are often the most important.

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