Life can become really overwhelming sometimes. There are so many expectations from parents, friends, and professors. There is always something you have to be doing, and somehow it is just never enough. But sometimes it is really important to take a step from everything and everyone, and just be there for yourself. Here are a few ways to relax and take a break from the world:

1. Write in a journal

Writing down all your feelings is a great way of letting them out of your system. It is like venting to someone else, without actually telling someone else how you feel. When you write down the positive things, you come to realize how grateful you really are for those things and you remember how excellent those things made you feel. When you write down the negative things that happened and your negative feelings, you those negative vibes out of yourself. Writing down your feelings helps you feel relieved and calm.

2. Blast music in your room

Music is a great escape and can appeal to almost anyone. It literally blocks out the outside world. But you have to be careful with this option. You have to make sure that the music you choose to listen to has a happy theme. The music is supposed to help you become happier and forget the things that bring you down, not remind you of the things that are bringing you down. It is hard to not listen to songs that put your feelings into words, but that will really only make you more upset, so remember happy music is the key.

3. Cook or bake something

Pick up your mom's recipe book, read the back of the ready-to-make box, or start from scratch. Get your mind off by making something delicious in the kitchen. Cooking requires your attention, so it is a great way to distract your mind from the thoughts you are having. You can make your favorite dish to help your mood or call your friends over to cook together.

4. Read a book

It is such a cliche thing to say but it is so true: reading takes you places. When you get engrossed into a book, you imagine yourself in the story and in that fantasy world. Fictional books allow you to travel to places and forget about reality. Sometimes you don't need to escape reality, and instead, you need to learn to embrace it and learn from it. There are many nonfiction books that can help you. Many famous people write about their struggles to get where they are today. Those books are very influential because you can see how everyone has downfalls and overcomes them, even the most successful people. Also, there are motivational books that help you train your mindset and understand that everything is going to be OK. A really good book that can connect to you can be really influential.

5. Organize your week in a planner

Life gets overwhelming. You can be fine one moment, and the next, you will remember everything you have to do at once. One way to slow down life and get organized is to keep a planner and update it. Sit down and plan out your week. Write everything down, even the smallest events and tasks that you know you will remember. Putting everything on paper in a weekly template will help you visualize your week, plan out your next few days, and see that everything will get done.