Take Me Out To The Ballgame...
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Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

CAPS off to the "Boys of Summer"

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Well friends, the time has come for my favorite season to come upon us: baseball season. You're sweating worse than a sinner in church, getting more burnt than your piece of toast that's been in the toaster for 10 plus minutes, and you're screaming to the top of your lungs for your favorite team--or your UNfavorite umpire. Despite all of the sweat dropped in the 92 degree heat and the voices lost, I LOVE BASEBALL. I love the atmosphere, the crowd, the game, and I guess the boys aren't too bad to look at either.

This past week, the 'rents and I went on one of our many road trips to the SEC Baseball Tournament. Man, I've seen some pretty unique individuals to say the least. We've been spending 12 hours at the stadium a dayroasting for our favorite team (I will leave this unnamed, but I will say this: HOTTY TODDY!). Being here has been so much fun and has made my love for baseball grow even more.

I've always been more of a sporty gal. Growing up, I would rather throw a ball than twirl in circles (not saying dancing is no fun, but I was definitely not born to be a dancer). We always were at the ballpark, tennis courts, football field, or somewhere watching a game. Of all the sports to watch, baseball has always been my family's favorite. Over the years, I have found more and more reasons to love going to a baseball game, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Interacting With Fellow Fans

Even though you have absolutely no idea who is sitting beside you, the two of you are rooting for the same team. Instantly, you become the best cheering buddies. You'll jump up and down after a good play, scream at the ump, and exchange a hug after your team wins the game. This is one of my favorites, because no matter you two are from, you come together to cheer for your team, and that's what a team is all about--support and encouragement. And who knows, you may grow lasting friendships with your "cheering buddy" and look for him/her at every game!

2. Team Spirit

Each team has that one fan who stands out from all the rest. Whether it's Vandy's fan who whistles, LSU's who leads the crowd in the "GEAX TIGERS!" cheer, MSU's who rings the cowbell and screams "MAROON!!! WHITE!!!", or the Rebels who encourages the opposing pitcher to "Throw it in the dirt--DIRT!", one of the greatest things about college baseball games is their novelty fans.

3. Watching The Game

This one is a given. I love watching the game. I don't just come to eat the yummy nachos or gelato (which is delicious and a great way to get me there, don't get me wrong). There's nothing better than watching your team pull themselves out of a tight inning to win the game, succeeding in a double play, making a timely hit, or robbing someone of a home run. Even though some moments become so stressful that I may need to be put on blood pressure medicine, and then again, those are what keeps bringing me back. The adrenaline rush is one of the primary reasons to attend a ballgame.

4. Eating Ballpark Food

Walking in the game, your stomach instantly beings to growl from the smells of popcorn, the hulls of peanuts on the ground, the clouds of smoke from the grills, and the fans sitting by you with a juicy cheeseburger. At a ballgame, nutritional value is out of the window. We're looking for the ultimate guilty-pleasures here. For one brief moment, the intensity of the game is secondary to the melted cheese on a pepperoni pizza slice, the dripping BBQ sauce on a sandwich, or the toppings on a fully-loaded hotdog.

5. Evidence Of A Strong Faith

Out of all the reasons why I love coming to a baseball game, this one tops all the others. I love to see a player kneeling down on one knee, the team gathering together to pray, the pitcher taking off his hat in-between pitches and closing his eyes, or a batter making a cross with his bat in the dirt before batting. These players are some of my favorites because they are acknowledging the One who gave them the ability to play ball. Before the game even starts, they are playing for Christ and giving Him all the glory. In my mind's eye, I think are giving us a very important message: I am asking God to help me do my best, and I am trusting Him to do the rest.

There are millions of reasons for one to go to a ballgame. I didn't even mention the fresh air, the ability to go when others are working, or the unexpected moments that turn into memories, but these are just a few of my favorites. These boys are witnesses to me, as well as many others when they exhibit their faith in Jesus Christ. So, 'CAPS' off to the "Boys of Summer", and thanks for all of the thrills!

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