"Tag Yourself" Memes: A Love Story
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Student Life

"Tag Yourself" Memes: A Love Story

Tag...you're it!

"Tag Yourself" Memes: A Love Story

"Glory be to God for derpy things." - Gerard Manley Hopkins, feat. me.

This may or may not come as a surprise to people who know me even slightly, but under my quasi-intellectual facade lies a big ol' trash heap.

An actual photo of my friends and I keepin' it real.

Yes, I'm a noted film snob who uses the IMDB scale to screen movies, and weed out anything which gets below a seven, and yes, I read old-school feminist literature for fun. I fully intend to go to grad school and become a well-respected and successful professional adult in my chosen field. But coexisting with the bibliophile constantly thirsting for knowledge is just another tacky 20-something who gets giggly and gooey over Kit Harington and Jason Momoa.

I don't read Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series for the history, but for the romance (and physical descriptions of protag Claire Randall's hunky Scottish boy toy, Jamie Fraser).

^my reaction to Sam Heughan (above, aka Jamie Fraser personified for the screen), a beautiful angel who is too good for this world.

I once wrote an academic essay while listening to only Fall Out Boy and Nicki Minaj, and based on the amount of Fifth Harmony and Celtic Thunder I'm convinced that my Spotify account is jointly run by a 15-year-old girl and a 55-year-old woman. Much like Sia, I love cheap thrills.

My spirit song.

Some of the cheapest thrills around can be found on the Internet in the form of memes. While I am an equal-opportunity meme enjoyer, creator and star (see below), I possess a particular affinity for an offspring of the meme family known as the "tag yourself" meme.

Based on my unofficial calculations, only .2% of the population will get this meme...but it's SO beautiful once you do.

Photo credit: me, via Snapchat. Meme credit: Emmanuel Gundran.

According to KnowYourMeme.com, the "tag yourself" meme "is a fandom survey meme in which the participant is presented with a lineup of celebrities in pop culture, original characters or fictional characters within a media franchise and prompted to identify one that he/she can relate to the most by reblogging the original post and tagging it with the name of the character. Recognizable by the poorly drawn avatars of the characters and ill-phrased descriptions of their traits in Comic Sans, the illustrative surveys went viral on the popular microblogging platform Tumblr in late January 2016."

At the time of this writing, I have currently dodged the fabulous timesuck known as Tumblr by only browsing the site on occasion and not actually opening an account. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends who do, and "tag yourself" memes are easily found on Google. I love "tag yourself" memes because of how hard they make me laugh, and I always learn something new about myself. Below, I have compiled a few of my favorite "tag yourself" memes (with commentary).


As much as I still want to be "Don't Need No Man," "No" won out overall. This is one "tag yourself" where I fit 100% of the descriptors (a rare feat for anyone).


Props to my cousin for finding this one. I'm totally tEMMIE right now (#peoplepleaserforlife), but, I'd like to work my way up to being Legs eventually. Just a few more cardio sessions and witty tweets.....


When I put out a call for "tag yourself" memes to my friend group, my wonderful boyfriend delivered this. I'm really pleased that he and I ended up as Han and Leia. Relationship goals achieved!


Like pretty much the rest of America, I am obsessed, obsessed, OBSESSED with "Hamilton: an American Musical." (If you didn't already know this, now you've been warned.) Lin-Manuel Miranda AND the official Hamilton Twitter account liked two of my tweets once, and it is one of my greatest life accomplishments, no lie. But back to the task at hand... As much as I really want to be Angie (because Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler is #GOALS), if I'm being honest with myself, I'm Tom. My sister is the most Angie person I know, which just doesn't seem fair, considering how much of a "Hamilton" neophyte she is. My best friend is the OG Alex. Bae is probably James.


I worked (sort of) hard to find this meme, so you're welcome. "RENT" is my all-time favorite musical (sorry, "Hamilton." You only get the #2 spot) so I really hoped it had a "tag yourself." I'm really feeling "We're ok" with this one. I can't tango (yet), but I can learn....


POTATOES! I love this meme because it's funny and gives me an excuse to eat potato products. "Fully loaded" is my favorite thing to eat on this list, but, I'd tag myself as "I tried."

Did YOUR favorite "tag yourself" meme make the list? (Or, more importantly, has anyone found a "Mean Girls" tag yourself, because I came up empty on that search.) Share your favorites in the comments section!

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