College is always hyped up as "the best years of your life". Whether that's something you hear a lot from your parents, a concept you see in movies, or an idea shoved down your throat through social media, it's an idea that's very present in both college-bound and college students' minds.

You probably know what I'm talking about. You head off to college and you're surrounded by people that think exactly like you, and you get a huge group of friends (somehow) that love and accept you for who you are and you go to parties together, and study together, and make "memories that you'll remember for the rest of your life" together.

And while at college you do have a better chance of meeting people similar to you, seeing as you chose the same college (maybe even major or club), not everyone is going to think like you, and not everyone is going to like you.

I know. It's a hard pill to swallow for some people, especially those that hated their high school experience and were hoping to start over once they got to college, obtaining that "ideal social life" they've always wanted but never had. But it is possible for you to have an active social life, even if it doesn't exactly match up to the ideas you've been fed about what college is "supposed" to be.

Like high school and even the real world, college is comprised of people with differing personalities, and sometimes those personalities might not match up perfectly with yours. Sometimes there are those that you just get along with, are friendly to, but they don't want to become your friend or get to know you better. That is fine. You don't have to feel pressure to make friends with everyone. If you try and they're not really feeling it, at least you tried. You can't force people to feel the same way.

This doesn't mean you'll be lonely though. There are ways to expand your social circle without following the "traditional" route. Make it a point to make at least one friend in your class, club, residence hall, whatever. That way you'll have at least one person to talk to. Go to events and talk to new people there. Look out for those who are alone and strike up a conversation with them so that neither of you will be alone anymore. It's good to have friends in multiple areas of your life at college.

And "the best years of your life" doesn't necessarily have to mean partying all the time. Have a low-key night in with a friend watching Youtube. Go to an extracurricular talk your favorite professor is giving. Take advantage if your school is offering students Broadway show tickets. Work on a creative project for fun. What's fun for everyone else may not be fun for you, and your college experience is supposed to make you feel fulfilled and like you're growing as a person. Don't be afraid to listen to your own needs and nurture the parts of you that need it.