With the school year slowing down, I always think about how much I will miss the weekends here. They make weekends at home look less than entertaining and is something that I will look forward to coming back to in the summer.

1. Sage O

"What I like most about the weekends is hanging out with my friends (whether it's watching movies, dinner, or just talking) it's my favorite thing to do. I like it the most because I don't have to worry about school nights or doing my homework right away. It's just time to chill with my girls"

2. Karen C

"Weekends at Syracuse are incredibly exciting. When you're out, you get to see so many people that you cannot see during the week. I like to consider myself to be a "work hard, play hard" kinda girl so for the weekends I devote this time to myself to have fun and let loose, while during the week I work hard. The weekend is my reward so I always look forward to it"

3. Kathryn W

"It's a time to de-stress and spend time with your friends. As well and get away from campus. There are so many options from going to the mall and seeing a movie or having a nice dinner at armory square"

4. Kristen B

"During the week I'm always going and going and my room and everything gets so messy and I'm always so stressed but on the weekends I can clean, get organized, not think about school, and have fun with friends:)"

5. Harrison T

"Welcome to Friday. In preparation for takeoff, please ensure all negative attitudes are properly stowed. On behalf of your captain, Jack Daniels and myself, welcome aboard. I expect sunshine and good attitudes today for our trip. Enjoy the ride."

6. Anna P

"My weekends always start at 12:35 p.m. on Friday. I walk back to my dorm and meet up with my roommate so we can go get some food. Usually walking back from class I call my mom and just catch up with her on what going on in both my and her life.

Then I usually just sit and chill. I clean up my room and watch some Netflix, which is something that I never have time to go during the week. At night I typically now go out with my sorority sisters! We go to our party's and always have the most fun ever!!!

Saturday morning I always meet up with 3 of my really good friends and we go to Starbucks and just hang out there for a little, talk and drink some coffee. Saturday during the day I either start my homework for the weekend or I run any errands that I could possibly need to do.

Then Saturday night is kind of a repeat of Friday night, go out with my sisters have the time of our lives!!! And finally, Sunday hits and I genuinely do homework all day and stop for some food breaks."

7. Jake R

"A typical weekend here at Syracuse for me always starts on Thursday night. The reasoning is that I haven't had a Friday class here at Syracuse since first semester freshman year. Thursday after class, I will sometimes go get food with friends or to make food at my apartment.

Thursday night I'll watch sports games on TV before going to the bar or a party. When I'm out I enjoy dancing and hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. On rare occasion here at Syracuse, the sun decides to come out, which makes for a great day for golf at drummers.

Out on the course we may or may not purchase a golf cart in order to relax. I usually try to make friendly bets with my friends throughout the match. Once we finish up the round we usually all go home and take our respective showers, only to meet up an hour later and go out that night.

Saturdays are basically the same thing as Fridays, with the late wakeup time and relaxation. Usually I'll hang out at my apartment watching TV until mid-afternoon and then start to get my work done that is due that week"