Why Sylly Week Isn't All That Silly

Sometimes college seems like one big misconception. People often romanticize everything about life as a college student as the good old days. Most commonly, I hear all about syllabus week, sylly week for short, as the best week of the semester.

According to a lot of people, sylly week is a week of living at school with nothing to do. Honestly, I'd like to know where these people go or went to school.

To me, syllabus week is a week of craziness and readjusting. Yeah, there's no papers or exams just yet, but classes started (and so did assignments). Now, I guess you can ignore these assignments and just worry about them down the line into the semester if you decide to do that. And of course, I'm sure that the students who do this are just fine, but that's just not me.

I love routine. That's why college is so awesome for me most of the time. (Thanks to the necessary routine of the semester.) But because I love routine, I am also thrown for a loop every semester when I return to a brand new schedule. Getting back into the groove of things can quite honestly be really rough for some who needs to know what time she's eating all of her meals, working out, and doing work.

I often find myself exhausted and a bit anxious during syllabus week as I try to readjust back to school and catch up with everyone that I missed over break. Figuring out my days and nights, while ensuring that I'm getting ahead on school hasn't been all that silly to me since starting college.

Don't get me wrong, I wish I could be like the students who come back to campus and let school figure itself out for them. But that's not me, and never will be... which is why syllabus week will probably never be the best week of the semester for me.

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