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7 Fire Swimsuits For Every Type Of Girl

There are a million swimsuits out there. Stand out and let your personality shine through your suit.

7 Fire Swimsuits For Every Type Of Girl
Sophia Guerra

Are you overwhelmed with swimsuits this season? Do keep up with the latest swim trends? Are you ready to give up on shopping altogether? Fear not ladies, I have come to save you. Here is a list of different swimsuits for whatever personality or body type you have. Or, if you are me, whatever mood you are in.

1. The Fashionista


This suit is for you bold ladies. You know, the ones who like to wear bathing suits more for the insta than for anything else, this baby is for you. The print is interesting and different and will definitely make a splash, no matter where you are. You will be a trendsetter in this printed beauty, which is exactly what you want. Anyone else get like Versace vibes from this? I die.

2. The Athlete

Princess Polly

If you're the girl who isn't afraid to challenge the cute boys on the beach to a volleyball game or hop on a boogie board for a few waves, this bathing suit is for you. A one piece is perfect for anyone who is a little bit more active. You don't have to worry about losing a top in the ocean or a nip slip while you are carrying the team on your back. I love the high cut, '90s style one-pieces because they show a little more skin and they create a perfectly cinched waist. And who doesn't love the '90s???

3. The President of the Big Titty Committee


Listen, I know how it is. Shopping for bathing suits when you have a fuller chest is a nightmare. You can never buy things in sets, the girls spill out of the sides in most triangle bikinis, and bandeau tops are a fantasy. This top is like a sports bra, so the straps are thick and supportive, while the sides pull everything together to give you some nice cleavage in the front. Plus, we love a velvet bikini.

4. The Risk Taker

Princess Polly

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you like to live on the edge? This daring one piece is for you. It's completely different than any other suit I've ever seen but is still wearable. Bend the rules of fashion with this Zenon-inspired vibe. Stand out with these buckle and snakeskin moments as well.

5. The Sweetheart


This babe sticks to the classics. She doesn't really sway from her normal bikini style, except for the occasional switch in print or color. She knows what looks good and she works it. You know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

6. The Flower Child

Princess Polly

Something earthy, granola, chill vibes for Miss Hippie. She loves the ocean, turtles, all of it, and would rather be soaking up the sun and being one with nature than fussing about a bikini. However, she rocks her suit while collecting those seashells. Namaste.

7. Everyone

Princess Polly

Surprise! There is one that works for all of you! This is legit the sisterhood of the traveling bikini. It flatters just about everyone. Whether you have a bod like Kim K or one more like Kendall, this bathing suit is for you.

BTW, Princess Polly changes their inventory pretty frequently, so if you don't like the colors they currently have in this Elk set, they will probably have more in stock soon. I have one in pale pink AND lime green.

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