12 Recipes For The Fall Sweet Tooth

12 Recipes For The Fall Sweet Tooth

Use these mouthwatering recipes to bring some festivities into your kitchen-life is what you bake it!

Who doesn't love a sweet treat in the fall? Especially one that's festive! There are so many delicious snacks to make and always enjoy! Fall is the season of pumpkins, apples, gingerbread and more very popular foods that are perfect to add to the mix! These tasteful treats coming up do not only have wonderful flavors, but their looks resemble true fall colors and are full of eye-catching sights! If you're like me, then your sweet tooth is ready for new tastes simply from a look at a picture. Warning: if you're on a diet, turn back now.

Click on the name of the treat to see recipes and directions. Let's get creative!

Fall Leaves Krispie Treats.

Fall is famous for its beautiful leaves outside, so why not bring them into your kitchen? Turn the krispie treats that you're used to into a colorful and delicious leaf pile on your own counter! Jump right in!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels In A Turkey Jar.

Create an adorable turkey jar this season and give him some feathers made out of chocolate covered pretzels. Grab a pretzel on your way out the door every day! This is a great way to keep the house festive!

Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites.

Gingerbread and cheesecake-never thought of mixing those two together? Think again! These bites are full of sweetness and will have your taste buds begging for more!

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cup.

What's better than your own mini pumpkin patch that you can eat? Customize your own with as many pumpkins and worms that you want! Add other treats if you wish, too!

Harvest Caramel Corn.

This is a recipe that you can switch up-add your favorite candies and flavor of popcorn/kettle corn! Sit down with a bowl during a movie and enjoy this treat that is perfect for fall.

Caramel Apple Slices.

We all love those caramel apples from the carnival, but they're so hard to bite into! Don't fret any longer; you can make them new and improved into slices! Stick on some sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate bits or whatever your heart (and mouth) desires!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs.

Need something perfect for fall on your football Sundays? Love peanut butter and chocolate? Well, here's the perfect treat for you! You can't go wrong with this mix!

Owl Cupcakes.

This one's a hoot! Everyone loves cupcakes, so let's make them season-friendly and create the cutest owls! They may even be too cute to eat (but probably not)!

Cinnamon-Sugar Streusel Baked French Toast.

Treats aren't only desserts; they can be breakfast too! Have this with a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate while relaxing in the morning; you'll never want to eat anything else!

Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza.

Did you say pizza? Yes I did! We're back to that caramel apple love, but this time it's mixed together and in pizza form! Genius, right?

M&Ms Brownie Batter Dip.

If you're like me, eating the brownie batter when your parents weren't looking basically took over your childhood, but now it's an actual snack that you can eat with M&Ms! Try adding your favorite type of M&Ms (peanut butter, peanut, mint, pretzel, etc.). There are so many options!

Acorn Kisses.

Another seasonal favorite: look at all of those adorable acorns falling from the trees outside. Well, now you can create your own vision in your kitchen with all of our favorite chocolates to easily pop into our mouths- Hershey's kisses!

I hope you all decide to make some of these lovely snacks! They'll definitely take care of your sweet tooth this season. Take some time, round up the ingredients and get mixing! It's important to give yourself a delightful treat every now and then, so why not do it in a festive and creative way? Your taste buds will thank me later. Enjoy!

Cover Image Credit: http://domesticallyblissful.com

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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A Love Letter To My Air Fryer

And why you would love an fryer too...


In a previous article, I wrote about how love to use Trello.com for organizing things. I'm still loving Trello. I've haven't grown bored of it and stopped using it (like I have with some other organizational systems). This time, I'm going to share another item that I love, and it's for one of my favorite things, food! I finally gave in and bought an air fryer, and after my first use, I literally said that it's wonderful! I bought a small air fryer. It only holds about two quarts, but it's perfect for quick lunches.

I thought I'd love the air fryer if it could dry fry food with little to no oil, and it does just that. I'm also in love with the air fryer, because I could simply put the food in it, set the timer and live my life for a few minutes until the food is done. I don't have to stand over it and watch the food cook. That makes the air fryer a winner! Did I mention that it really does work?! Yes, it does work. Now, you could buy foods that are already breaded and throw them in the air fryer, but if you want to go the healthier route, you can use bread crumbs, flour, and eggs to make your own crispy coatings for your foods. Dipping your food in your own homemade batter cuts out some of the salt and added chemicals in the frozen pre-fried foods.

You can also fry foods that do not even need a homemade batter. Without using the batter, I've made sweet potato French fries and burritos in it. The tortilla for the burrito turned out nicely crispy, but I didn't leave it in the air fryer long enough for it to be crunchy. The sweet potato fries came out nice. I've tried making crispy chickpeas with Italian seasoning, but they weren't to my liking. However, I have loved everything else that I've made in the air fryer. Sometimes I just put a quick meal in it, just to re-heat it, since I don't use a microwave. I just think that using the air fryer is healthier than using microwaves, and I love that I don't need to put my food in a special box or anything for it to be really crispy. If you love fried chicken or fried fish, you'd love this little machine as much as I do!

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