You may walk by them on campus, you may be a frequent visitor of them come the weekend or you have a significant other who lives there. I'm talking about a frat house here. Let's be honest, all of us have wondered what it would be like to live in a frat house and be "one of the guys."

Freshman year, my roommate and I joked that we wanted to join a fraternity instead of a sorority, not an actual thing we could do. After our experience of living in an on-campus fraternity house for a weekend, it is safe to say we would't survive being members of a fraternity, much to our disappointment.

Two weekends ago, we had the fortunate opportunity to visit a school in Virginia where my best friend and my roommate's sophomore year cousin goes. When given the option of staying at an off-campus house with seven girls or an on-campus frat house with 20 guys, we obviously chose the latter! Wouldn't you?

There are many things I learned and experienced during my weekend in the frat house. The two most important things I learned were: I couldn't ever be part of a frat and I now consider myself one of the boys.

Here are the reasons why I couldn't be part of a frat.

1. I am a lightweight compared to these boys.

They drink copious amounts of alcohol and still thrive. I've always been impressed by the amount of alcohol the guys I know can drink, but it seems that being in a frat takes it to a whole other level. It was 1 a.m. on Friday night (technically), and we had started drinking at 9 p.m. Needless to say, I was falling asleep. The guys were downing beers faster than I was and appeared not to fazed by the late hour or the liquor. Honestly, dudes, where are you storing those 12-packs you've been drinking?

There was then a day drink on Saturday that we attended. The fraternity members starting drinking at 10:30 a.m. and some even continuously drank until the party that night. My roommate and I, on the other hand, tapped out around 9 p.m. to go back to the frat house and sleep. It was a wise decision, but it did make me realize I had reached grandma status. Needless to say, frat boys are tanks!

2. I couldn't handle the grossness of a frat house.

I would consider my roommate and I neat freaks with a self diagnosed case of OCD. Therefore, upon arriving in the frat house and seeing the way these guys lived, we were basically in hell. Clothes were strewn about on the floor, there were unidentified substances on the counters and there were no caps on the toothpastes! Come on, people! There's so many little germs that get into those suckers! Yet, the boys lived there peacefully. Don't get me wrong, some rooms were neater than others, but the mess made me realize I could never live with 19 other guys or else someone would probably die.

I'm sure there are others reasons of why I wouldn't be able to survive a frat than just those that I mentioned, but I really think I could easily be bros (do people still say bros?) with all the peeps of the frat.

If that weekend proved anything to me, it's that my roommate and I are officially one of the guys.

Here are the reasons why we're now one of the boys.

1. We knew we were one of the boys when we were kindly offered some strangers bed to sleep in while his roommate had a girl in the bed with him.

2. We knew we were one of the boys when we went to a fine, local establishment called a gas station and purchased two kegs that supplied the frat party.

3. We knew we were one of the boys when we could have a conversation with someone while you use the bathroom stall and they're at the urinal.

Deep chats truly go on in the bathroom. It's remarkable.

4. We knew we had made it into the elite inner circle when the guys were turning to us for relationship advice for their "significant others."

Nowhere has a greater revolving door than a frat house filled with 20 horny sophomores.

I'm not going to say we thrived living in that frat house because I can guarantee you that I smelled like beer for the next three days, but we did survive. A little piece of me will always be left at the lovely KA on-campus frat house.