11 Tips For Surviving The Last Two Weeks Of Your Semester
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Student Life

11 Tips For Surviving The Last Two Weeks Of Your Semester

How to get through these next two weeks!

11 Tips For Surviving The Last Two Weeks Of Your Semester
Student Voices

1. Nourishment… You Can not Survive on Coffee and Gum

No Matter what you tell yourself your body needs more than coffee and gum, yeah sure you put cream in your coffee… that doesn’t count. Make sure you are eating three healthy meals a day, even if you have to take them on the go. Drink lots of water, and try to avoid the Jim, Jack and Morgan, they will not help you get that GPA up at the last minute.

2. Wash Your Sheets

Sleeping in a clean fresh bed will do amazing things for your brain. Besides the fact that your sheets will then smell great, and not like sweaty weekends filled with stress, it will also help you sleep better! Clean sheets, clear mind!

3. Take care of yourself

When we get stressed it is super easy to go into slacking mode when it comes to ourselves. We prioritize our schoolwork, but not our bodies. Get your workouts in. Sweat a bit, but remember hygiene is not optional. Set your alarm, get up, shower, brush your teeth, put some effort in. The old motto “look good, feel good” really does work.

4. Write It Down

I like to use my planner or a note card for each day. On it I have a list of the things that are due. If I have an exam or event I have to attend on that day I will write it in another color marker. I then put them in a place where I can see them that way I know what I need to get done all the time. Plus crossing the things off is more rewarding than it should be.

5. Hit the A-Team

Your A-Team is the group of people who you can call, text, or show up at their door at anytime and they will be there for you. It is family, friends, significant others, anybody; basically people who love you! Hit them up! Call them, text them, seek encouragement and support when you need it. These next two weeks call on those people and know that at some point you will be able to return the favor.

6. Sleep

The fact that I have to write this down is crazy! You’re mind, body and spirit need sleep. All of that studying and hard work will mean nothing if you are not giving your body time to re-charge. When you sleep your brain sorts the information you have been fed all day into the proper compartments of your memory so you can recall it at the correct times. Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep, if you can’t get that much at least try for 4 hours!

7. Pack

The last thing any college student wants to deal with while dealing with finals and emotionally preparing to leave the amazing people we have been living and bonding with for the last 10 months is packing. As you are getting ready and doing your normal stuff over the next two weeks, start packing and putting stuff away. Don’t be afraid to donate or trash things and be realistic. If you think you won’t use something over the next two weeks, you probably wont! Put it in the box!

8. Two Step (for 15 minutes)

Having a 15-minute dance party is just what the doctor ordered! Clear your mind with a good playlist and a quick 2 step! It will give you an energy burst and put a smile on your face. If dancing and 2 stepping isn’t quite your thing, take a few more steps on a nice walk!

9. Be On Time

Show up to exams, study sessions and classes on time! It is easy to take that extra 10 minutes to grab a coffee on the way to class, but these last two weeks are going to be crazy busy and most professors will cover key information for exams and assignments in the first part of class, allowing for questions at the end. Be early and be alert! If you need the coffee, wake up 15 minutes earlier.

10. Take a Break

If you find yourself getting frustrated, distracted or discouraged take a break. Go do something fun and healthy that will revive you. You can do this! This too shall pass. Go for a walk, grab lunch with a friend, watch an episode of Modern Family, whatever you need to do to improve your attitude. Everything is about perspective, so do something to shift your perspective!

11. Encourage Yourself

The semester is almost over. You have worked way too hard for the last 13 weeks to give up now. Find encouragement and cheer yourself on. You are your biggest critic but you can also be your biggest cheerleader, so pat yourself on the back and go conquer these last two weeks! You’ve got this! It will all be worth it in the end!

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