Surviving Move In Day: Ariana's Tips and Tricks
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Surviving Move In Day: Ariana's Tips and Tricks

I can too!

Surviving Move In Day: Ariana's Tips and Tricks

Moving into college is overwhelming, stressful, and fun. You are really on your own. There are a billion people around you trying to move in at the same time making everything more complicated than it needs to be. Following my tips and tricks can help you survive move in day.

1. Do not arrive late

Get there as early as possible so you can grab the elevator and use the equipment that the school lets you borrow to make things easier to move in. It was hard for me to move everything up and down the stairs so please learn from my experience. I thought my dad was going to have a heartache since we could not get into the elevator or use any of the equipment.

2. Label everything

Label everything that you are putting into bins, bags, etc. It will make organizing your room easier if you know where everything is. Labeling is also useful because it can help you figure out if you are missing something.

3. What items should be moved in first?

Move in the heavier items first. I thought it was harder taking in the smaller items since I had to make several trips. Moving in the heavier items can give you an idea of how much space you are really going to have in your dorm room. I recommend setting up your bedding last.

4. Command Strips and Hooks

The Command products are a gift, use them wisely. There are already people on my floor scrimmaging through the garbage bins looking to see if anyone threw them away. You are able to hang up decorations on your wall to make your dorm room feel more at home. These products are also useful to hang up essentials such as mirrors, towels, and keys.

5. Collapsible Boxes

I used collapsible boxes to help transport everything into my room. As soon as I was done with them, I returned them to my mom. She continues to use them whenever she comes to visit me at school.

6. Organization

Organize your room right away. It needs to be cleaned and wiped down from germs first, but as soon as that is done it is your time to shine as an organizing guru. Remember to arrange your room in a way that both you and your roommate like. Make sure to organize your belongings in a way that are easy to find later on. It is your room and you can organize it anyway you want!

7. Let Mom and Dad Take a Break

Mom and Dad did all of the heavy duty work moving you in. Remember that they are not as young as you so they need a minute to sit down and rest. I sent my Dad to the Dunkin’ Donuts on campus so he could relax and drink a coffee. It may sound silly, but it will let you do your own thing while they have a minute to rest.

8. Say Thank You

Your parents have spent countless amounts of dollars on you for your education. Remember to say thank you. I would recommend writing a quick thank you card and putting it in your mom’s purse. This is so when they are driving home crying because their ‘baby’ is all grown up, they might catch a smile and feel good for helping you throughout the years.

9. Leave Your Door Open

Leaving your door open when you are just watching Netflix or working on some school work can make a huge difference in your social life at school. It is important to always say hello. It sounds strange, but I know almost everyone on my floor because I did this.

10. Be Open to New Things

Be open to trying new things. College is a learning process and you are going to make mistakes. Be open to learning through these mistakes in order to make yourself a better person.

These tips and tricks will help you feel a little less stressed. College is an exciting time so put the stress aside and focus on all of the wonderful changes happening around you. If I can survive, you can survive.

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