Finals are right around the corner. As a junior, this is my 6th round of facing this dreaded time of year, so you could say I'm a pro at it. Yes, it sucks, but if you are prepared, you can make it through with a limited number of mental breakdowns. Below, I have compiled a list of my top tips to finish off the semester strong and survive your finals.

1. Get all of your final papers and assignments out of the way as early as possible, so you can focus on studying for final exams.

2. Make hand-written study guides. It is proven that writing things down helps you retain the information better.

3. Don’t pull all-nighters. Sleep is important to be able to perform well on your exams.

4. Take care of your body! Even if you are exhausted, make sure you are eating nutritious foods and setting aside time to stay active!!

5. Do something that makes you happy to de-stress, whether that is putting on a soothing facemask or making your favorite tea!

6. Stay organized! Make sure all of your exam dates and whatever else you have to do are clearly marked on your calendar.

7. The library is your friend! My freshman year, I was definitely afraid of it, but having a good space to study and stay focused is so important.

8. Ask your professor and TA questions! They are there to help.

9. Plan ahead the specific days and times that you will study for each exam.

10. Relax! At the end of the day, one grade will not make or break your future career, so work hard but don’t get too anxious about it.

I hope these tips were helpful. Good luck!