The school year is almost over and summer is almost here. Yet, everybody is more stressed than ever. Follow these helpful hints on how to survive the end of the spring semester!

Stay hydrated

Your body depends on water to do its job. I know sometimes it might feel like it actually depends on coffee, but water is your best friend. Dehydration can have some nasty effects, some you would never even guess, so make sure to stay hydrated!

Take care of your body

This might seem cliche, but you need to take care of your body! Whether that be eating the right foods or keeping a strict skincare regimen, your body should not be punished during this stressful time. The stress is already taking its toll on your body and emotions - don't make it worse.


Exercise triggers the release of endorphins and endorphins make you happy. You've probably heard that a million times. Now is a good time to put that to the test. Endorphins reduce your perception of pain, numbing the stress of all of your responsibilities during this time. Beyond that, exercise will counteract all those late-night stress eating sessions.

Call loved ones

Family, friends, teachers, mentors...odds are you miss seeing one of these people every day. Take time to call the ones you love. It's a good way to escape for a little and simply just catch up.

Treat yourself

You deserve it! Of course, don't go ham or anything, but a little treat once in a while never hurt anybody. This can come in forms of a nice meal, a new pair of shoes, a night out - your choice. Reward yourself for your hard work.

Soak up the Vitamin D

Ok, so Ohio weather is pretty hard to predict. But when it's nice out, it's nice out. Take advantage of those days! You'll seriously feel so much better after a little sun, and your body will thank you for it, too.


This is something we all know, but still, don't put any importance on. Sleep is really important and it's time we care about it. I know that sometimes all-nighters might seem necessary, but I promise that your body and mind will thank you if you take the time to let yourself rest.

Make time for fun

Being a student does not mean work all day and every day. Yeah, it's a priority, but put yourself first. Schedule in some time to have fun. Go to a movie. Hang out with friends. Watch that show you've been hearing about. Make time for yourself, doing things you want to do.