If Fall Was A Playlist This Would Be It

If Fall Was A Playlist This Would Be It

Slowing it down after summer.


All through summer, everyone's listening to upbeat pop songs or blasting country music, but when fall comes around, everyone's searching for a new calmer playlist to transition into the chilly weather. This is my go-to playlist and it can be found on my Apple Music profile (@cambre_rae) under the title 'Fall Tunes'.

1. Hello My Old Heart- The Oh Hellos 

2. From Eden- Hozier 

3. Bloom (Bonus Track)- The Paper Kites 

4. Stubborn Love- The Lumineers

5. Don't You Cry for Me- Cobi

6. Foreigner's God- Hozier 

7. Way Down We Go- Kaleo

8. Skinny Love- Bon Iver 

9. Rivers and Roads- The Head and the Heart 

10. Welcome Home, Son- Radical Face 

11. To Be Alone- Hozier 

12. Angela- The Lumineers 

13. Down in the Valley- The Head and the Heart 

14. Arsonist's Lullaby- Hozier 

15. All the Pretty Girls- Kaleo

16. Low Life (feat Jamie N Commons) - X Ambassadors 

17. Flapper Girl- The Lumineers 

18. Save Yourself- Kaleo 

19. Mess is Mine- Vance Joy

20. The Cave- Mumford & Sons 

21. What It Is- Kodaline 

22. Fairytale- Milky Chance 

23. Re: Stacks- Bon Iver 

24. Slow it Down- The Lumineers 

25. Cold Is The Night- The Oh Hellos 

26. Free & Lonely- X Ambassadors 

27. White Blank Page- Mumford & Sons 

28. Only Love- Ben Howard 

29. Comin' Home- City and Colour 

30. Big Black Car- Gregory Alan Isakov

31. Litost- X Ambassadors 

32. Horsehead Bay- Mighty Oaks 

33. I Can't Go On Without You- Kaleo

34. Blood Bank- Bon Iver 

35. Automobile- Kaleo

36. In A Week (feat Karen Cowley)- Hozier 

37. Wasted Time- Vance Joy

38. Nobody Knows- The Lumineers 

39. In A Black Out- Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam 

40. The Night We Met- Lord Huron

41. 29 #Strafford APTS - Bon Iver 

42. Youth - Daughter 

43. Sedona - Houndmouth

44. Vultures- John Mayer 

45. Stop This Train- John Mayer 

46. Radio - Lana Del Rey

47. Cleopatra- The Lumineers 

48. Gale Song- The Lumineers 

49. Alaska- Maggie Rogers 

50. Where Are You Now (Bonus Track) - Mumford & Sons 

51. Berlin - RY X

52. Nothing - The Script 

53. Spirits- The Strumbellas 

54. Cherry Wine (Live)- Hozier 

55. Work Song- Hozier 

56. Like Real People Do - Hozier 

57. Let It Go- James Bay

58. Only if For a Night - Florence + The Machine 

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Why Fall is my Favorite Season

It's truly the most wonderful of them all.

Ah, how lovely autumn is. The changing winds, the colors, the crisp morning air... I love everything about it. Fall stands out so much to me for various reasons. It is not hectic, like spring, too hot, like summer, or too cold, like winter. Fall is a time for rebirth and new beginnings, and has a hotspot of activities for people of all caliber to enjoy. There are so many reasons why Fall is my favorite season, but they can be summed up, shortly, here.

The holidays.

The utter fun that is Halloween, the nice family time that is Thanksgiving, and all the other going ons that involve the harvest, all happen in Fall. All of America goes utterly bat**** when Halloween comes around, and everyone gets prepared to put on costumes, go to fun parties, and eat as much candy as they possibly can. And with Thanksgiving, I always enjoy seeing my relatives, eating homemade desserts, and catching up on other traditions, like watching the parade. There are also plenty of holidays where people get days off, like Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Election Day. Plus, my birthday, as well as my brother's and my mother's, are all in fall, and we always have a big party to celebrate. So many different things to enjoy!

The activities.

Hayrides, visits to the farmer's market, pumpkin picking... the list goes on and on when it comes to the things to do when fall hits. Every year, I look forward to going to the local farmers market to get various fall decorations, apples, pumpkins, and homemade chocolate. There are also plenty of haunted attractions to visit for the Halloween season, may it be haunted houses featuring actors in makeup, or real ghost tours conducted to find spirits. Plus, I personally have many fun family gatherings in the fall, making me enjoy the season even more. It's a time for everything!

The weather.

Though it can sometimes get a bit TOO cold, fall weather is like no other. So many colors are abound, and I like nothing better than seeing the hues of the trees pop out amongst the stormy gray skies so notable in fall. Just being able to see the leaves change is one of the most amazing sights that nature beholds. Additionally, I love the rain, and seeing a storm come in with all the colors is truly a sight to see. It is always a wonderful time when the harvest moon sets in. So many beautiful things about the earth come to fruition.

All the fall items you can buy.

May it be the specialty drinks at Starbucks, the various decorations you can find at any department store, or the loads of new fragrances at Bath and Body Works, fall is filled with special things to buy. Every time I go into a store during fall, I love looking to see what kind of fall things they are selling. And one fall item particularly stands out to me: fall fashion. I adore all of the new clothes and styles that come out during the back to school season. There is no better season to be stylish as you can be in fall.

The opportunities.

Above all, I think fall is the best time that you can change yourself, and your world. It is the start of so many new things, and just like the leaves can change, you can too. When the night comes quicker and the weather gets colder, the lax nature of summer dies down to the hecticness of fall, allowing ample ways to change how the world sees you. New beginnings are abound in fall, and you too can begin anew. That is the beauty of change.

Fall trumps all the other seasons in so many ways. And as each summer comes to an end, I know that fall will be coming right up to sweep me off my feet. So cherish your autumn days, as they are so special compared to all others. Even with school.

Cover Image Credit: http://ohioebirdhotspots.wikispaces.com/Chestnut+Ridge+Metro+Park

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