If You’re Surprised that Your President Is A Racist, Then You’ve Been Living Under A Rock
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If You’re Surprised that Your President Is A Racist, Then You’ve Been Living Under A Rock

Let me be the first to tell you that the seventy-one-year-old Gemini (June Gemini at that), otherwise known as "The Expired Cheeto" is a bonafide racist.

If You’re Surprised that Your President Is A Racist, Then You’ve Been Living Under A Rock
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As Don Lemon said it best on Thursday night, “For years, I and others have been trying to tell you, the American people, that this man has been exhibiting bigoted behavior. I’ve asked him about it a number of times, and he denied, but kept up the racist rhetoric throughout the campaign and now while he’s in the White House."

Here are what some "shithole countries" look like. I know... Just Terrible!

It has been reported that Donald Trump described Haiti and Africa as “shithole” countries. He would much rather have immigrants "come from places like Norway instead." Now I must mention that Donald Trump called Africa, a continent, a country. I’m surprised that the man with the highest office in the country just pulled a Raven Simone and mislabelled a continent with 54 countries. But then again, he also created the word “covfefe,” which caused the media to subsequently go into a spiral and have a laugh at this man expensive (which I’m not mad about). I would also like to point out that it’s been eight years since the horrific earthquake that displaced many Haitians and has affected the country drastically. Trump has recently removed the TSR which will cause many Haitians to be deported.

I’m very proud to see the backlash that he is getting with people coming out in numbers from these “shithole countries” proving that not only are we not “shitholes” but we are a valuable asset to this country and more importantly this economy. These “shitholes” that our president wants to deport and kick out are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, musicians, cab drivers, soldiers, nurses, receptionists, students, and many other occupations. Literally, Africans and Haitians are some of the most hardworking and kind people I know. I’ve seen my parents pull themselves from the bootstraps to support their family back at home, support our family here, while also indulging in certain luxuries. Although our life isn’t perfect, my parents worked hard for everything they’ve got.

But this isn’t about my parents or the “shithole countries,” this is about how our president is a racist. Every few weeks he says something about people of color and it causes the media to go into a frenzy. The question that is always asked at the top of every news broadcast, “Is Donald Trump A Racist?" The answer is always yes. Donald Trump is a racist and has always been racist. He was a racist in the 70’s when he wouldn’t rent out apartments to African Americans. He was a racist when he started the birther movement claiming that former president Obama was lying about his citizenship status. He was a racist when he called Mexicans rapists, drug users, and criminals, among many other things. He was a racist when he used that previous argument against Mexicans as his main platform during his campaign and convinced millions of idiot Americans that they wanted to build a wall to “keep them out." He was a racist when he created the Muslim ban and wanted to create a registry for Muslims living here in the states. Oh, and there are so many more examples I could use. In fact, if you turn into CNN every twenty minutes, they play a montage of all of the racist things Donald Trump has said during his campaign and now as president.

What I would like to know is when will we stop asking the ridiculous question of whether Donald Trump is a racist. We need to face the facts. When will we hold this man accountable for everything that he says? When will people stop having fantasies that this man will change his views and be the progressive crusader we’ve all been waiting for? That's not going to happen. He is 71. I'm pretty sure he’s set in his ways.

I’m usually a very optimistic person but It’s 2018 and people need to be honest with themselves. The commander in chief is a racist and wants more people from Norway to immigrate here. Statistics of Africans in the states and profiles of Haitians who risked their lives for this country on CNN and MSNBC isn’t going to change his opinion on the matter. He needs to be held accountable. Call him out whenever he says something problematic. Complain to your local representatives and state officials. Write think pieces, make YouTube videos on the matter. Protest! Do whatever is necessary to make his term in office as hard as possible. Prepare for the midterm elections, do your research and come out and vote in 2018. Now is the perfect opportunity; Over 30 Republican members of the house will not be running for reelection in 2018 which could significantly help our cause. Having the party majority switch over in 2018 would most definitely help with laws and stop Trump from putting problematic laws into effects like the Tax Reform Law and the Muslim Ban. We have no excuse, let’s make 2018 our year.

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