A joy ride is one of the most exciting and thrilling ways of exploring new places in the town. The amazing feeling of flying and wonderful views from the top will be an experience that will always be remembered.

A joyride is always intriguing because no matter how long the journey is, you get to witness for yourself the amazing heights, all the mesmerising views that makes your city or place so special. You can experience the beautiful skyscrapers, glance over amazing scenic views and get other interesting things that will be coming on your way.

Now you might wonder that the joyride is probably expensive, which is not true, and that the idea of surprise in air is only to family entertainment. Well, you can look forward to book a city tour by helicopter for any occasion of your choice that you wish to make moments with your sweetheart.

Take this opportunity to fly around the city with your dear ones and amaze them with an extraordinary surprise in air. So, fasten your seat belt as we show you various options in which you can fly around the city in your joy ride:

Enjoy this super special experience and get your friends & family hyped up about this joy rides around the town. So reach the highest peaks of excitement in your life as high as a Sky. Touch the Clouds in the realest way and be a part of this exciting moment and a sightseeing opportunity. Enjoy the skyline in a flight ride or take a private helicopter ride instead.

Helicopter joy ride

If you want to take a break from your daily routine life of yours and feel the highest point of excitement, choose this helicopter joy ride.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the historic monuments in the city with your beloved from great heights. Relish the heart winning scenery of historic and cultural landmarks of the city.

Flight ride

Appreciate the beautiful views and build memorable moments all along the journey. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you by a series of wonderful surprises one by one in a flow.

Entertain them throughout the flight and make their experience feel like an unforgettable dream.

Admire them with a lovely Surprise in air

Make your loved ones feel like superstars of their lives on their big day or any other significant day of them; present them with this unique experience of a Joy Ride. This gifting option will definitely win the hearts of your loved one in front of friends and family. This amazingly special gift will make sure to give the recipient a never before look and feel of the city. The receiver gets an opportunity of sitting back and relaxing in the armchair of a private plane to enjoy the luxury of the world-class experience. All you have to do is watch their smiles go wide out of amazement.

Birthdays, weddings, achievements, a declaration of love or whatever occasion you want to celebrate take it to the limit of the sky; gift your loved one a joy ride of their favourite city. Bring them best packages from chopper ride to flight ride in because it is not every day that you do something so special for a person in your life. We would help you to add charm to the occasion with our surprise in the air packages, while you enjoy making memories of a lifetime with your dear ones!