Trump's Supreme Court Opportunity
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The Supreme Court allows trump An opportunity To Improve

The reason some decided to vote for Trump is again in front of him.

The Supreme Court allows trump An opportunity To Improve

The Supreme Court of the United States has once again decided to lend a helping hand to Trump and his administration by creating a vacancy and allowing Trump an easy win for his legacy. The Supreme Court was a huge talking point during the 2016 campaign. There are few positions with as much power as the Supreme Court, and Republicans have an incredible opportunity to keep a majority for a very long time.

The Supreme Court has an incredible impact on life in the United States. Roe v. Wade set the abortion precedent we have in the world today and major civil rights decisions have belonged to the Supreme Court. The 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges 5-4 decision to legalize same-sex marriage is a recent reminder of the true power the court can have on everyday American life.
Most decisions can be argued for and against, and nominating partisan judges is an incredibly vital part of shaping a nation in whatever ideal image each party has.

Having the majority in any capacity puts the respective party at a monstrous advantage; with the news of Anthony Kennedy's retirement coming last week, Trump has the opportunity to cement conservatism at the highest interpreters of the law.
Trump, as usual, has been surrounded by controversy over his immigration policies, and rightly so. His separation of families and the administration's excuses for what is happening has not been sufficient.

Still, Trump has the opportunity to partially rectify his reputation while reminding conservatives why they simply could not bear choosing Hillary. The appointment of another justice allows for a huge win for conservatism and the entire image of the Trump administration.

Trump's handling of almost everything has been the opposite way I'd want a president to handle it, most. Trump, however, nominated Neil Gorsuch and can now make the Supreme Court a 5-3 advantage by adding a person even more conservative than Kennedy.

The courts will balance out with time and the natural cycle, but for now, Republicans have much to look forward to with this nomination.

With "progressives" gaining ground with young voters, it will be good to have a balance for now. The way we view speech, gender, and other basic topics have been assaulted by a lot of people that vote Democrat. While I believe myself to be a more socially liberal person, it is nice to have insurance against an overly-left society at the moment. The narrow ruling for free speech in California recently is a sign enough that we do not need more liberals on the Supreme Court at the moment.

Our country has a lot to work on, and while I will not agree with every ruling by our currently conservative Supreme Court, including upholding the travel ban, having insurance against the mob mentality that is forming in the liberal parts of our country is something I am definitely not complaining about.

With a quick Trump nomination and approval, the President has an opportunity to make every Republican happy with an easy appointment from a conservative list. With such a move will come positive headlines and repercussions that will positively impact conservative agendas for years down the road.

Trump has a knack for creating new headlines to distract from ones which highlight his mistakes. The Supreme Court has allowed him another golden opportunity to improve his presidency.

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