You are never going to believe this, but over the years, I have only seen a few random episodes of the show Supernatural. I specifically watched the Scoobynatural episode after seeing a preview (and wrote an article about it) but other than that, nothing really made me want to watch the show. It wasn't that I wasn't interested or that I didn't care, I just never really got into the show enough to sit down and watch it. Ironically enough, the whole genre (supernatural) is actually something I love.

Last week, while browsing Netflix for something to watch, I accidentally clicked on Supernatural. It's been one of my Netflix suggestions for ages. As it happened, I debated for a moment going back and selecting the show I was actually trying to watch, but I stopped as the Pilot episode began playing. I was intrigued!

Like I said, I had seen a few episodes here and there over the years. This typically happened when the television was left on a channel and the show just happened to be on. A few times it may have been playing on a television I couldn't change the channel on, like in a restaurant or doctor's office.

Before I go any further, you should know I had only a small bit of information on the show beforehand. I knew who Sam and Dean Winchester were. I knew a bit about Castiel, but only what was included in Scoobynatural. And I knew they hunted supernatural evils but, I didn't really know anything else specific.

That very first episode sort of set things up and gave a bit of information on the characters. Two hours later and a few episodes in, I realized I was really enjoying what I was watching. Even if I occasionally watch from between my fingers with ALL the lights on, while my daughter laughs at me. She doesn't get creeped out as easily as I do.

After actually taking the plunge I have a big problem. The problem is that now I know what I've been missing and I'm kicking myself for it. I could have been watching the show all along. And now I have all those seasons to catch up on. The good news is I won't run out of material to watch any time soon. The bad news is I have to try to avoid spoilers for everything. Which is virtually impossible! Overall, I'm glad I clicked the wrong thing because I will continue watching.

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