My Super Sweet 2016: A Year in Photos
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My Super Sweet 2016: A Year in Photos

The year wasn't as awful as everyone claims, at least for me.

My Super Sweet 2016: A Year in Photos

I take a lot of pictures. If I'm being honest, it's probably way too many, but I had the idea to go through all of my pictures from this year and I've realized that maybe this year wasn't as awful as everyone claims it was.

This picture reminds me of the fun I had at stage crew all throughout high school. It's insanely difficult to be away from it now, but I am forever grateful to it for the friends I've made.

I will always cherish the memories from my senior year theater conference with NYSTEA.

Painting with a few of my favorite people: my mom, my best friend Sean, and his mom.

A beach-out basketball game at my high school with some great friends.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I love love LOVE my best friends, Andrea and Larissa.

Though we're not one bit Irish, my dad got chosen to be an Aide for a Saint Patrick's Day Parade and this was the ceremony prior to the parade.

These are a few of the Binghamton incoming freshmen who I met prior to starting my fall semester.

Meet the people who got me through the stress of eight hell weeks. They're all truly amazing.

Amy is one of my biggest inspirations to be better and better at musical theater. She does it all so flawlessly.

My best friends after our last performance of Once Upon a Mattress

My favorite role: Queen Aggravain in Once Upon a Mattress

One of the many pictures I took after committing to Binghamton University

St. Paddy's parade with my cousins

Meeting one of my best friends from Binghamton, Matt, for the first time!

Celebrating my eighteenth birthday with some of the people most special to me

First sleepover with Andrea and Larissa

Yoga with Riss

Spin class with Lauren

My heart will always have a spot for these people and this picture. They are wonderful.

After years of trying to convince my best friend Brandon to perform with me, he finally did in our senior year cabaret.

Starbucks run with Angelina and Steven

This picture was taken after winning two rounds of dodgeball and before going to Chipotle.

My friend Vicki and I getting ready for prom

Sean and I took this picture during rave day of senior spirit week.

Beach Day 2016

Last day of SUPA Forensics with the people who got me through it!

Brandon and Sean are two of my best friends and I consider myself so lucky to have them. This picture is from our dinner with my dad on the last day of school.

I took this going back home from Connecticut on Father's day.

Senior Banquet with one of my best friends, Laura

Seeing Finding Dory with my brothers and a few friends. This is one of my happiest memories.

My graduation cap as a tribute to my final high school musical

My siblings and I at my high school graduation

Visiting a cafe with my brother, Brian

I really enjoyed making wishes on paper lanterns at my graduation party. This is a lantern that my friend Parker and I set off together.

My first time meeting Baxter and surprisingly, I survived despite my fear of mascots.

Dinner date with Lauren!

This bird decided to sit on my car and I saw him when I opened the sun roof. He made me smile a bit.

Florida with my mom and Brandon!

While in Florida, we took a boat ride and saw a bunch of dolphins.

For my last night at home, Larissa, Andrea, and I went to Sonic and ordered an insane amount of food.

A picture of 5/6 of my suite!

Appreciating Binghamton's Nature Preserve

Finally took a trip to the mall with Lianna

My brother, Brian, came to visit me for family weekend.

We got a new suitemate and named him Pablo.

I surprised my best friend by coming home from college a day early.

Apple picking with Sean

I visited my brother and his girlfriend in Cooperstown. Such a fun time!

Sean came to see me for Halloween!

I was so proud when I went to go see my brother as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. He was absolutely amazing.

While I was home, Andrea and I got drinks at a nearby cafe.

During Thanksgiving break, I saw Brandon for the first time since August.

Jazz Nutcracker

I went to Oswego for the weekend to visit Ally, one of my best friends.

Binghamton is gorgeous in the snow.

Love these girls!

College has made me appreciate my dogs so much more.

I went to the city with Sean and my dad and had the greatest time.

My family and Sean's went out to dinner a few days after Christmas.

2016 was a great year and I plan on filling my 2017 with just as many pictures!

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