Pack up your bags, save up your summer tip money, and let's embark on a vibrational journey through the grounds of the freshest Florida music festivals of 2018-2019 together. Let's just state that any event evokes its own substantial adventure. Everyone in attendance is insouciant and expressive of all the musical intentions that brought them there. Dance like no one is watching, because nobody is. Everyone is in their own metaphysical universe because the energy of the crowd and the performing artist both produce such an unbreakable bond of courtesy and love. Strangers from all over the world come to this one spot to engage in the passion for similar musicality. The second the event attendant scans your ticket for entry inside, the culminations of all of your worries, anxieties, and negative externalities are left outside the fence. Watching the faces of strangers all coming together synchronized to music and positivity made me comprehend the importance of expansion of new perspectives. Passing through the vibrant, bright smiling expressions of my fellow musical comrades and the array of faces and totems pole adorned with decorative figures, I say to myself, I am free, loved, and I sure as hell feel beautiful. The carefree, loving and accepting nature in which these music festivals invoked was exactly the environment I needed to thrive. Any festival that you plan well (not too well, some things need to just flow on their own), will bring immense joy and add to your collection of memories to your young life here on Earth. We grow from the diverse perceptions from others and the supportive accompanying acquaintances we meet on the way. So whether you're trying to get down to some heavy bass with the homies, enjoy a soulful musical experience in an illuminating forest or just dance your heart out like no one is watching, I got you covered on all the best music endeavors your soul craves!

1. What: Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival 2018

Where: Live Oak, Florida

When: 10.26.2018 to 10.28.2018

I'm personally excited to see THREE nights of the String Cheese Incident, Odesza, Tipper, Rezz, the Floozies, and Minnesota just to name a few. This setting is ideal for campers both experienced and not so much, to rejoice in some funky tunes and alluring costumes during Halloween time. I would describe this festival as a free-spirits haven as it's not as mainstream as some of the other festivals mentioned below. Grab your pashmina and let's wiggle!

2. What: Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2018

Where: Tinker Field, Orlando, Florida

When: 11.09.2018 to 11.10.2018

As the lineup for this festival hasn't released yet, I can't begin to explain how much fun I had here during 2016's festival. I love the enormous stages, carnival props, light production, and overall vibe here considering this is the quintessential experience when you think of a great weekend with your best friends. Think of Florida County Fair crossed with a mind blowing light show. Headliners never surprise me as I was blown away by Alice in Wonderland and RL Grime's sets in years past. Definitely keep your eye out people!

3. What: Okeechobee Music Festival 2019

Where: Okeechobee, Florida

When: (Estimated date) 2.28.2019 to 03.04.2019

This has been my favorite event hands down for the past two years. This would be the festival's fourth year in production but age is just a number baby! Get relaxed at Yogachobee, hang out by the sand at Aquachobee or catch me at one of the food trucks by the Grove (particularly the artisan mac and cheese sandwich truck), but regardless of where you are, all the artists here are an absolute melodic wonderland. I would definitely recommend this production to anyone trying out their first camping festival or just trying to get wavy for the weekend. Pro tip: volunteer as a promoter and get yourself some free Okee Merch and a possible freebie ticket, I'm already hot for 'Chobee and its only June.

4. What: Ultra Music Festival 2019

Where: Miami, Florida

When: 3.29.2019 to 3.31.2019

Okay, so I'm not gonna lie to you guys this is definitely the most hyped up festival out of my list. That goes without saying that this festival contains one of the most beloved weekends I've ever endured, seriously. Bayfront Park transforms into an electrified utopia, but it's hard to imagine Miami any other way. Take the cobwebs off your kandi and get an overrated leotard from iHeartRaves for this one. KIDDING- but I'm going to say, everyone at some point in their lives should attend Ultra just once, it's absolutely magical and those Deadmau5 beats can make a girl shuffle.

5. When: Sunset Music Festival 2019

Where: Tampa, Florida

When: (Estimated date) 5.25.2019 to 5.26.2019

Get your bandana ready (and maybe your neckbrace) for this bass-boosted trip through dirt terrain of SMF 2019! I actually broke the cartilage of my nose while headbanging to Funtcase back at SMF 2016, and needless to say, this festival isn't for the faint of heart. I would describe the artist musicality to be "as grimey as the venue festival is" but in the best way. Artists such as Excision, Zomboy, Slander, Rezz, Space Jesus, and Hippie Sabotage have graced the stages of this venue and nothing can get much better than that.