Because I can't get this bizarre idea out of my head I decided to write about it and share my peculiar thought with you.

Many people refer to specific animals as their "spirit animal," or an animal they would similarly relate to if they were, for some reason, not human. As much as I would love to be an elephant, an orca whale, or a giraffe, I think I would much rather be a plant. If you ask me, humans should have "spirit plants" as well because we all grow and develop at different rates.

Your spirit animal is most likely an animal to represent your personality, behavior, and overall nature. Likewise, I feel as if I can relate people to certain plants. Some humans need more support and sunlight to help their growth. Like a cactus, some people are harmful and will hurt you when you try to draw them close.

Personally, now and then I feel I am a succulent. I only need a little sunlight to be complete, and by myself I can thrive.

Occasionally I am a rose. Beautiful and pure on my exterior, but when someone tries to pluck me from my garden, I prick them with my thorns to protect myself.

Now and then I am a raspberry bush, growing with ease and indefinitely producing bountiful goods.

Most often than not, I feel like an oak tree. I am strong and deep-rooted in a firm foundation, with thousands of branches reaching towards the sky and ever growing tall.

But always, I feel I am a sunflower. Not only because sunflowers are my absolute favorite, but because I stand tall and seek sunlight even through the darkness. With a golden hue, my petals are strong, and I am most beautiful in my wild, raw state of growing wherever I please.

However hard people try, sometimes they are poisonous. They may look purely innocent and delectable until you ingest them and they deteriorate you from the inside. Some people sprout quickly, like basil or mint, while others leisurely develop and take their time growing into who they need to be. Some seeds are sown into sustaining soil, rich with minerals and abundant in water and sunlight. They thrive and prosper because of the supportive environment they were implanted in. Other seeds, however, are blown about in the wind until they find a home in rugged pavement. With little water and an absence of sunlight, it may be harder for this plant to grow, but in it's progression comes the miraculous beauty of life.

Humans are like plants in this way. All of us originate from a different place. Some of us need more sunlight and support to develop into who we need to be. It may take four days, or it may take thirty years, but eventually you will reach your potential. With patience and consistent endurance, you will evolve from a delicate seed into a tenaciously strong being.

Surround yourself with substantial essentials, and watch as you flourish.