11 Things You Know If You Get Sunburnt Easily

It's summertime again! For some, that means going out and getting a nice tan. This article isn't for you. It's for the people who hate you a little bit because all we do is burn. The people that really know the lily-white struggle.

1. You either look like a piece of paper or a lobster

There is no in between. There is no nice tan that you see others sporting in the summer.

2. Nice white sundress? Nope

You think it'll look good. But where does your skin end and your dress start? You may never know.

3. You should own stock in sunscreen

When it comes to summer, you have at least three bottles at all times. In your car, your purse, your pool bag...

4. Reapplication is your friend

Personally, I set a timer on my phone so I don't forget to reapply. Everyone knows that if you apply just once, you're definitely going to get burned.

5. So is aloe vera

No matter how often you reapply. Sometimes, you will get burned.

6. Not all sunscreen is created equal

You mean you want me to use the rub sunscreen on my face? With all that oil in it? Nope.

7. You can't borrow sunscreen

Thank you, friend, for offering your SPF 15 sunscreen. But my SPF 100 is needed.

8. It's not just summer

People think that summer is the only time you can get a sunburn. They challenge your paleness.

9. Naked is the only way to be post-sunburn

You may have just a sheet over you, but it will still burn everywhere the sheet touches.

10. Even sunburn? No way

You will never burn evenly all the way around. You will always end up with weird markings for some reason.

11. When there's not any sun

And you know best of all that even when it's cloudy outside, you can still easily get burned.

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