10 Shows for College Students to Binge This Summer

While it's nice to spend a weekend at home during the school year, moving back into your childhood home with your family for the summer is a lot to handle. Parents tend to revert to treating you like you haven't just had a year of complete freedom.

Personally, I'm getting to the point that I just can't take it anymore, and I still have about a month to go. In order to maintain my sanity, I've decided to distract myself by watching all the TV I probably won't have time to watch once classes start again. These 10 shows are the best because they are so far from reality that I finally feel like I have an escape.

1. "Jane the Virgin" (Netflix and The CW)


"Jane the Virgin" is an hour-long show that follows Jane, a 23-year-old virgin, who is accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of a guy she used to have a crush on. "Jane" is a go-to for me because it follows a telenovela-like format, so it's about as far from reality as possible.

2. "The Office" (Netflix)


"The Office" is quite likely your fave show to binge already, but it's so funny that you can laugh your way through the chaos of living with your family again.

3. "House Hunters" (Hulu and HGTV)


Okay so, there are two reasons this show made my list: 1) Buying a house probably isn't on your agenda at the moment and pretending to buy one is fun and 2) People are so extra and it's fun to watch.

4. "Gilmore Girls" (Netflix and Freeform)


This show is known for its fast-talking characters, so if it's your first watch "Gilmore Girls requires your undivided attention. (If reading is more your thing, check out this "Gilmore Girls" inspired reading list.)

5. "Love It Or List It" (Playstation Vue and HGTV)


This one is my favorite at the moment. Hilary and David play up the dramatics and the couples always seem to find something to argue about. Plus, it's an hour-long design show, so there's actually a story to follow.

6. "One Tree Hill" (Hulu)


"One Tree Hill" brings up many important topics about real life, but so many of the elements of the show are unlikely to happen in real life.

7. "Making a Murderer" (Netflix)


Yes, this is a documentary series. However, the events are so ridiculous it's hard to believe this all actually happened.

8. "Big Brother" (CBS All Access)


This sociology experiment is in its 20th season and just keeps on getting better. "Big Brother" is my most favorite part of the summer. (Yes, this is where THAT gif comes from)

9. "How I Met Your Mother" (Hulu)


"HIMYM" never, ever gets old. Plus, there are very few (if any) plot gaps. The quality and laughs are there, trust me. You'll be able to pass the time easily.

10. "Scandal" (Netflix and Hulu)


If you thought "Grey's Anatomy" was intense, boy does Shonda Rhimes have a surprise for you. You'll easily be able to ignore your family with "Scandal" on the TV.

So, which show(s) are you going to add to your summer binge list?

DISCLAIMER: The streaming platforms listed next to each title are valid as of posting and are subject to change.

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