"Big Brother" is by far the best part of my summer. Not only does the regularity (every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday) help me keep track of what day it is, but the drama and twists keep me fully entertained for 99 glorious days.

After watching the first episode on June 27, it was pretty clear some houseguests are a couple steps above the rest. But I mean, this could be way off. Expect the unexpected, you know? As of now though, here's who I think will be evicted Week 1 to who is probably going to win the whole thing:


16. Kaitlyn

Her whole "aura" thing is highly irritating; she doesn't seem down to Earth. She also inserted herself in conversations she didn't belong in, so I'm skeptical about how the other houseguests feel about her.

15. "Rockstar"

She's a mother who calls herself "Rockstar." She's so out there, I don't know if she'll be able to play the game well.

14. Scottie

Sure, all the girls think it's adorable that he's never been kissed, but he appears to have the inability to even talk to those girls. He's on the social game struggle bus.

13. Haleigh

She's sweet and intelligent, but nothing she has done thus far has stood out from the rest. I really hope she doesn't turn into just a showmance girl.

12. JC

His personality makes up for his lack of height. I think the other houseguests will want to keep him around for awhile, even if he's not pulling his own weight.

11. Bayleigh

She seems like she's trying too hard to be funny, but I admire how she already made a genuine connection with Swaggy C regarding gameplay rather than personal stuff. She seems like she's here to win.

10. Steve

Of course, there's only going to be one "old" guy. This year, it's Steve. He has great potential, but his inability to fit in with the younger houseguests is probably going to cause him some issues.

9. Tyler

He will end up being one of two things: a showmance floater or a strategic, athletic mastermind. His prospects as the latter outweigh the risk of the former.

8. Faysal

He's fit and already making connections with major players like Swaggy C, but he doesn't seem to know a lot about the game of "Big Brother."

7. Brett

He totally could win the $500,000, but he HAS to stop being so cocky. Otherwise, he'll be gone in the next few weeks.

6. "Swaggy C"

He's so talented, I don't even mind his self-given nickname. But even with his early wins and safe game moves, I don't know if I can envision him anywhere but the jury come finale night.

5. Kaycee

Her knowledge of the game combined with her pure kindness and athletic ability prove to me that she could be a major leader in this game. Hopefully her punishment doesn't destroy her social game.

4. Sam

Poor girl has the worst punishment I've seen in all my years of watching "Big Brother." Nevertheless, her comic personality gives her an advantage over many of the other houseguests in every aspect of the game.

3. Rachel

Maybe she's reminding me of a Rachel Reily/Jess Graf mutation, aka 2 of the most BA women in "Big Brother" history. Regardless, her social and physical games both have great potential moving forward.

2. Angela

If only this girl would just shut her mouth, I think she could win. She has the smarts and clearly the physical ability, so if she uses them right she could be in the house on finale night. Her mouth just needs to be as laid back as she is.

1. Winston

I know he doesn't seem like much right now, but he's a smart man with a down-to-Earth mentality that is likely to keep him in the running for the prize until the end.