Don't Forget To Get Tested For STDs
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Don't Forget To Visit Your Local Clinic To Get Tested This Summer

Let's play safely out here.

Don't Forget To Visit Your Local Clinic To Get Tested This Summer

Awhile ago, my mom gave me advice regarding my sexuality, and the advice she gave me was perhaps some of the best advice ever:



Part of me was really shocked when she told me that. By doing so, she basically acknowledged my sexual preferences (as well as the dangers of gay sex because we have higher risks of contracting STDs or STIs.)

Although I've been in a monogamous relationship for a year and a half, doing it so sometimes isn't a bad idea. Maintaining your body is crucial, and when you are sexually active, you must make sure that you stay clean and safe if you'd wish to continue having more fun.

To add, a friend of mine also recently posted on her social media about her recently getting tested, and she also recommeded that we, too, should get tested. Doing this is an important thing especially because hook up culture has been growing with time, to the point were having more than one hook up a day is totally acceptable -- only if you are doing it safely.


WRAP IT UP. Another good advice that will help you from evading bad news when you go get tested.

I agree that doing such a thing can be scary. You never truly know what's going to happen, and sometimes that apprehension of finding out your results after a scare can be even worse. Even if there wasn't a scare, the uncertainty of the results can be quite frightening. Or the idea of needles can also frighten some people, i.e., yours truly haha.

Also, if you were to get tested for any STD or STI and the results were to come out positive, don't worry. Many STIs and STDs are treatable. Taking the famous clap as an example, you can be prescribed antibiotics that you take only for about a week (or depending where it was detected), and then you remain abstinent for a month to let the antibiotics do their magic. And BAM! You're ready to get back on the field as a pitcher or catcher, you pick.

So don't fret.

Getting tested is always a smart move if you're going to be sexually active. It's a way for you to keep track of your health and well-being. Especially right now during summer, where we all just want to have some fun. Play safe. Be smart. Get tested.

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