My Top 5 Summer Artists for 2023​
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My Top 5 Summer Artists for 2023​

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My Top 5 Summer Artists for 2023​

This is a response to: 35 Songs On My May Playlist

1. Joey Bada$$

Up until this month, I never understood the overall hype surrounding Joey Badda$$. Despite carrying a significant presence in the hip-hop world, I perceived him as overhyped, lacking musicality and cohesiveness. However, I was wrong, when I first listened to his song 'Show Me', I was transported to summer, smelling the cool ocean breeze and feeling the warm sun on my skin. I felt like I was reintroduced to a different version of music, reminding me why music is so subjective.

Recommended Songs:

1. Show me

2. Fallin'

3. Love is Only a Feeling

2. The Internet

I hate music groups. However, I make an exception for The Internet. Their beats paired with Syd's voice is absolutely divine. The epitome of summer and sun. Listening to The Internet is a breath of fresh air; their refreshing presence absorbs me into their music, forgetting all my problems. Their creative fusion of musical styles and collaborative synergy is what makes them a remarkable ensemble to listen to during the summer time.

Recommended Songs:

1. Girl

2. Under Control

3. Dontcha

3. Thundercat

Lately, Thundercat has been receiving well deserved attention for his involvement in notable tracks like 'After the Storm' and 'After Last Night'. His musicality is sheer perfection, a feeling of jazz, neo soul, and even hip-hop. It would be hard not to completely vibe and feel for his music. As you listen to his tracks, it transports you to the beach, the smell of salty, yet sweet air hanging above you, and the warm sand between your toes. Definitely an artist who can make you chill and decompress all at once.

Recommended Songs:

1. Dragonball Durag

2. Lava Lamp

3. Wesley's Theory

4. Kaytranada

Kaytranada can never fail to put anyone in a groove. When you need an artist to pick you up, Kaytranada is the way to go. His mesmerizing instrumentals and ostentatious, yet, simple lyrics is what garners a wide range of admiration and pride towards him. Through his captivating soundscapes and memorable collaborations, he continues to re-define what EDM and contemporary music are. Kaytranada's ability to captivate listeners solidifies his status as a talented and highly creative artist within the industry. His music lets one be free, just like what summer is all about.

Recommended Songs:

1. Freefall

2. Look Easy

3. Vex Oh

5. Emotional Oranges

Like said above, musical groups aren't my favorite, however I do make exceptions. In this case, the Emotional Oranges. Having listened to them for over three years, it's safe to say the talent they have is immeasurable. Listening to them is just like their name, drinking a freshly squeezed, with pulp, orange juice. Their melodies and lyrics never fail to disappoint, and even set a newer standard each release. This summer is all about unwinding and being present with your surroundings, and Emotional Oranges do just that, with a bit of juice.

Recommended Songs:

1. Personal

2. Let Me Go

3. Bounce

If I ever look back at my 2023 summer, it will be encompassed by these talented artists, all having their own unique sense of musicality and instrumentation making me gravitated to listen them on repeat; tastefully depicting the beauty of summer time!

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