35 Songs On My May Playlist
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35 Songs On My May Playlist

Possibly the most chaotic monthly playlist I have made.

35 Songs On My May Playlist
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A new month calls for a new playlist, and this month's is a rollercoaster! Traversing several decades and genres, here are 35 songs on my May playlist:

1. 'Tom's Diner' — AnnenMayKantereit, Giant Rooks

2. 'Flowers in Your Hair' — The Lumineers

3. 'Flowers' — Lauren Spencer-Smith

4. 'Graceland Too' — Phoebe Bridgers

5. 'After the Storm' — Mumford & Sons

6. 'Move Along' — The All-American Rejects

7. 'Do I Wanna Know?' — Arctic Monkeys

8. 'Go Your Own Way' — Fleetwood Mac

9. '1985' — Bowling For Soup

10. 'The Middle' — Jimmy Eat World

11. 'Apple Tree Blues' — CAAMP

12. 'Runaway Train' — Soul Asylum

13. 'Born Too Late' — The Clarks

14. 'Roxanne' — The Police

15. 'Our Song' — Matchbox Twenty

16. 'As It Was' — Harry Styles

17. 'Helen of Troy' — Lorde

18. 'Clean' — Maude Latour

19. 'happiness' — Taylor Swift

20. 'hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have' — Lana Del Ray

21. 'Badfish' — Sublime

22. 'Father' — The Front Bottoms

23. 'Fine, Great' — Modern Baseball

24. 'Its Been a Long, Long Time' — Kitty Kallen

25. 'Congratulations' — MGMT

26. 'Just like Heaven' — The Cure

27. 'Pyro' — Kings of Leon

28. 'Hurt' — Johnny Cash

29. 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' — Bob Dylan

30. 'We're Going to Be Friends' — The White Stripes

31. 'I Will Follow You into the Dark' — Death Cab for Cutie

32. 'Island In The Sun' — Weezer

33. 'Work Out' — Rainbow Kitten Surprise

34. 'Orange Blood' — Mt. Joy

35. 'Clarity' — Vance Joy

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