As we move through the summer months summer actives are now in full swing. There are pools to swim in, beaches to lay at, and parties to party at. But with all these things to do many of us are trapped in the same struggle.

We're free from school but have now been captivated by summer jobs and the opportunity to earn money. Trying to balance a summer job and free time can be a struggle for most teens and young adults. There's this overwhelming feeling that I want to be everywhere at one time. To be able to experience every bit of summer before buckling down for the next semester of college.

Not to mention FOMO also known as The Fear of Missing Out. Which has only become stronger as we use social media to paint a beautiful picture of the vacation we just went on. As we view social media I believe that we often forget that a lot of the pictures we see are not real.

It is rare for people to broadcast a true image of themselves online. Very few people post pictures or talk about them working a lot in the summer. The truth is they are and you're just not seeing it. It's like the secret behind the scenes of social media. Everyone just sees the final result and misses out on all the hard work that went on beforehand, to achieve that perfect vacation.

So if you feel like you are working your entire summer away. It's okay, so is everyone else. With you working so much, don't forget to save your money. It's great to have fun now during the summer, but no one likes eating ramen noodles during finals week. Remember all your hard work will pay off later.