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Summer Is Here, And These Are The 6 Beauty Essentials You'll Need In Your Purse ASAP

Spoiler: Everything is fruit scented, as it should be


Ladies, gather around.

The classes have ended. The sun has turned up the heat. Summer has arrived and we are here for a good time.

When laying out by the pool today, assuring my skin was soaked in sunscreen to avoid any sun damage, I remembered how much I love collecting my summer must-haves to put in my bag with me. Whether I'm out candle shopping or at a work lunch, living in a state with 120 degrees weather, I know my way around a department store to know what needs to be in my bag.

I collected a short list of the essentials we all need this summer in order to look and feel our best under the sun rays.

1. Sunscreen Face Stick by Sun Bum

Sun Bum

This easy to use sunscreen face stick provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with moisturizing Vitamin E. And it smells like bananas.

It's easy to apply and holds a lot of product for its pocket-sized packaging.

Tip: A little goes a long way. When I first used this product, I couldn't feel it on my face so I kept applying until I had way too much. One solid swipe will be good!

2. Mango Balm Dot Com by Glossier

Glossier's Balm Dot Com has always been a classic, but their new mango flavor is summer in a tube. The hydrating, long-lasting, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve that's packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, chafed skin.

Tip: Use a little on your cuticles. They'll thank you later.

3. Maracjua C-Brighter Eye Treatment by Tarte

While you probably won't be carrying this around in your purse, this needs to be in your beauty bag. This daily eye cream has vitamin c and instantly gives you a fresh-faced, kissed by the sun and I look good with no-makeup on vibe.

Tip: Look for skin-care with vitamin c for the summer! It'll help you achieve your glowy skin dreams.

4. Aromatherapy Roller Ball by The Wild Sprout

Don't let being on the move prevent you from feeling relaxed and refreshed. These rollerballs are perfect with four different scents for your needs,

  • Bliss: Warm, Sweet, Fruity
  • Clarity: Herbal
  • Invigorate: Citrus, Fruity
  • Immunity & Relief: Minty, Fresh

Tip: Peppermint is super refreshing for hot days. I love carrying a peppermint roller ball around to touch up on my wrists when I'm out and about.

5. Lemon Cleansing Wipes by Clean and Clear

Summer keeps you active, but don't let your skin suffer because of it. Whip these baby out and wipe your face after any sweaty day to remove any dried sunscreen or dirt. These are not only oil-free but they also have a vitamin c boost as well!

Tip: You can use these removing makeup, but cleanse after, too! Wipes pick up most of the dirt, but won't do the full job without a little help from a cleanser friend. Use your favorite, or try the one from Clean and Clear!

6. Fruit Medley Body Mist by Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty has been around for a couple of years, but her summer collection is the best to date. This vibrant perfume is perfect to spritz throughout the day. This is a sweeter scent if you're into that.

Tip: Zoella Beauty is hard to find in the US. Check your local Ulta or find your signature fruity scent at Bath and Body Works to carry around with you!

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