A couple months ago I wrote a poem that I was never really sure what it was about.

Deep inside the blue
There's a place where we are but don't exist
And a voice whispers at us to run
To escape and find a mirage that isn't there
To venture and get lost
To find love and break it
To find joy and sadness
To find ourselves and hone them
To live life like we might die tomorrow

Little did I ever know that this was a cry for a moment in life that wasn't ordinary. I wanted an adventure, a pivotal event. I wanted to live a life like the characters from those movies who live an adventure in the span of three months when they are free from their duties. I wanted to live one of those summers that movies make us crave. I wanted the magic of it all.

For many of us, summer has come to an end, and we are back with the ugly reality of life. School has begun in many educational complexes – unless you go to a UC, where classes start way after almost everybody is almost done with their own classes.

But even while being in a school that lets you enjoy the smallest remainder of summer, we still crave those magical nights we so dearly enjoyed. They seem terrifically lively compared to the stale, routinary life we begin once the professor posts the syllabus on the school website. We begin to dream about those summer nights, somehow full of magic and wondrous events.

I never really understood people's obsession with summer; going out with friends on adventures not properly planned, getting lost and somehow finding a spot that becomes dear to you and everyone you went with. Those summer nights where every possibility is a kiss away from you. I never really understand any of that.

Most of my summers consisted of me staying inside and watching whatever I found amusing. (One summer, I binge-watched 5 seasons of Pretty Little Liars in 2 weeks.) (Plz don't judge me.) I never found joy in the idea. I was always one of those weirdos who preferred to be sitting down in a class rather than being home all day.

But now I get it...I think. I've gotten a sip from that ambrosia that is called summer and honestly, I don't want it to end.

They say magic doesn't exist, but magic isn't only that supernatural force that you can use to instantly move from place to place, to place curses, to fly. It's more than that, and you can feel it.

Magic is real, and I learned that this past couple of weeks. It's like, sometimes I wish to use this magic and cast a spell that will make all these nights last longer.