Dear Students:

Congratulations on completing your summer internship! That is a huge accomplishment. Your internship will add value to the degree you are pursuing, especially if you are applying to jobs similar or the same as the job you held as an intern.

Internships are important because, you get to be submersed in the field you're thinking about going into, and you get a little bit of experience. You also learn real-world skills. Internships shade your career. Putting your internship on your resume always looks good to employers.

Internships are a great way to branch a little out of your comfort zone, while building your resume and putting your name out into your field of work.

I hope, now that it is coming to an end, you enjoyed your internship, and are still interested in that field/position you interned as.

I'm positive you learned so many things that will help you in the long run of fulfilling your career, in whatever it is you are trying to pursue. Hopefully once you graduate, you will be employed at the company you interned at.

If you didn't enjoy your internship, that is perfectly fine too. Don't feel bad for not enjoying it. You want a job that you love, and want to do for several years of your life, possibly even for the rest of your life if you love it that much. Think of an internship as a test drive, and you're the driver. Internships are designed to let you get a feel of what the field and position truly is. You still have time to do another internship, or even find a different position that would be ideal for you.

Summer internships fly by, and school will be starting in a few weeks. Please enjoy your senior year and do well. I hope you get your dream career, and life goes well for you! Good luck!


A former summer intern