To All The Students Completing Their Summer Internships

To All The Students Completing Their Summer Internships

Internship- Just like footprints in the sand, each step signifies the journey taken


Dear Students:

Congratulations on completing your summer internship! That is a huge accomplishment. Your internship will add value to the degree you are pursuing, especially if you are applying to jobs similar or the same as the job you held as an intern.

Internships are important because, you get to be submersed in the field you're thinking about going into, and you get a little bit of experience. You also learn real-world skills. Internships shade your career. Putting your internship on your resume always looks good to employers.

Internships are a great way to branch a little out of your comfort zone, while building your resume and putting your name out into your field of work.

I hope, now that it is coming to an end, you enjoyed your internship, and are still interested in that field/position you interned as.

I'm positive you learned so many things that will help you in the long run of fulfilling your career, in whatever it is you are trying to pursue. Hopefully once you graduate, you will be employed at the company you interned at.

If you didn't enjoy your internship, that is perfectly fine too. Don't feel bad for not enjoying it. You want a job that you love, and want to do for several years of your life, possibly even for the rest of your life if you love it that much. Think of an internship as a test drive, and you're the driver. Internships are designed to let you get a feel of what the field and position truly is. You still have time to do another internship, or even find a different position that would be ideal for you.

Summer internships fly by, and school will be starting in a few weeks. Please enjoy your senior year and do well. I hope you get your dream career, and life goes well for you! Good luck!


A former summer intern

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12 Things I Would Do If I Was The Boss

The workplace is every-changing, and the boss always has to keep up.

The modern workplace is changing rapidly. We have traditional offices, fully remote companies, and companies that seem more like fun houses than professional offices.

There are so many different ways to run your business and be a leader. Inspiring and motivating employees to do their best is obviously easier said than done. Many businesses are completely ignoring their employee's wants and needs and sticking to a strict routine that seems to work on the outside. But in reality, their productivity levels could likely be improved.

If you want to attract the right employees and keep them happy, you need to look into what they really need for a safe and productive environment. When I think about being a boss, there are so many things that I am onboard with, and many traditional management styles that I think we need a break from. If I was the boss of my own company, this is what I would do.

1. Designate Social Time During The Day

One of the things I hate most is not knowing who I work with. I want to have people I can talk to during the day so I'm not just sitting alone in a room slaving away. Knowing who you work with gives you a sense of community. And a community works together for the good of the company. Separate employees only think of what they need, but a community looks at the whole picture.

2. Shorten Workdays

It's been said numerous times that the current workday is too long. Employees are people first. They want time to spend with their families, enjoy their hobbies, and just live. A shorter workday gives more time for play and more time to refresh. In studies that were done, employees who worked fewer hours with the same pay were more productive and much happier during the day.

3. Get To Know My Employees

A boss who is mysterious breeds rumors and bad feelings. A boss who is with her people every day, learning and growing with her employees, is a colleague and a friend. There must be a line between boss and employee, but that line doesn't give you the right to hide away and not get to know your workers. You're more likely to trust and work for someone you know rather than someone you don't.

4. Really Enforce A Mission Statement

I've seen hundreds of mission statements, but rarely do I see companies who truly implement them in their daily business. I want to provide activities and motivational practices to enforce an overall mission that inspires and leads employees to love where they work and feel like they are making a difference.

5. Reward Hard Work Often

Even a simple acknowledgment will encourage employees to keep working their hardest. People like to be noticed, especially when they're giving you all they've got. I want to be aware of my employee's work and reward them with compliments, bonuses, or special treats for really working hard and doing something amazing. A simple pizza party is cheap and effective for raising morale.

6. Ask For Feedback

A boss should listen to her employee's concerns and find ways to help. I would hold biweekly or monthly meetings to figure out how I'm doing. I would invite employees to one-on-one sessions to freely criticize my techniques and tell me how they feel. This goes for the company as well. Getting feedback on processes and systems to see if they could use some improving too.

7. Shower My Team With Resources

After you graduate college or leave trade-school school, you are no longer in a learning environment. The work environment is not one where new skills are directly learned, but where old skills are harnessed and refined. I would provide opportunities for employees to visit conferences or further their education because in return I'd have smarter, well-rounded employees who can implement new skills for my company.

8. Celebrate Personal Moments

At my current workplace, one thing I really love is the monthly birthday lunches. This is a small gesture that tells employees that their personal life is valued here. It helps them feel more like a member of the team rather than a simple working machine. I want to celebrate when someone on my team has a birthday, a wedding, or a major milestone because I want them to know they are more to me than a number or a percentage.

9. Be Flexible When Employees Need It

A mother needs to be there for her child when they're sick. A wife needs to support her husband when he's at an event. Employees who are distracted by fear and worry are never productive. I want to be flexible and let employees work weird hours or take work home when something in life happens. I want them to have peace of mind knowing that work and family life can coincide in harmony.

10. Place Employees In Positions That Suit Them

If I hire someone for a job and they really deserve to play another role, I want to find ways to promote or move them to a new department. Employees who work on projects that align with their passions will work harder. I want to be aware of my employees' passions and give them the opportunity to follow those passions in a position that's perfect for them. In return, I get better work and a more dedicated employee who feels like they're reaching their potential.

11. Give Employees A Workspace They'll Love

Where you physically are has an effect on your mood and how you behave. High Point University, my alma mater, really takes this idea seriously. The buildings are grand because it inspires great work and confidence. They've fostered an environment that truly inspires you to do your best and work to achieve your goals. I want to do the same for my employees by giving them a space that promotes an attitude of greatness.

12. Encourage Workplace Relations

This goes one step further than item number one, which was allotting social time. I want to breed relationships in my office. I want to host icebreakers and get people talking. I want you to know who Jan from HR is and Kevin from Dev. When you know who you're working with, you feel at home. You don't feel afraid to ask questions or challenge ideas. And you're more forgiving when someone makes a mistake.

I know that running a company or an office takes a lot of work. Sometimes we take shortcuts or keep things simple for the sake of time. But, if you're willing to take a chance and try out a few new things, you may end up increasing productivity and sales. It just takes a strong willpower and a little bit of courage.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Humans Of Orlando: Home Decor Master Ashlee Rosemeyer

An interview with a home decor businesswoman


There wouldn't be enough adjectives to describe Ashlee Rosemeyer but inventive is just a start. I first met Ashlee through work and got to experience her ambitious work ethic, generous personality and care through her passions. She mentioned she had a passion of starting a home decor business and then in weeks this passion became a reality. This businesswoman and friend sits down with me to discuss her creativity, advice on owning your own business, and her future plans.

AshsToAshs Mission Statement: Mosaic pots for people who love plants. Handcrafted and made-to-order using unique, colorful glass to bring light into daily life. Let love grow with a free packet of seeds accompanied with each pot.

Q: About Me: (Age, Hometown, If you're in school or major or whatever hobbies, aspirations)

I'm 22 years old. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I graduated from UCF in 2018 with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. My hobbies include crafting, specifically things that involve ceramics and mosaics. I love putting a unique twist on everyday objects. I aspire to continue to challenge myself and grow both personally and professionally.

Q: What profession are you in and whats your dream profession?

I currently have worked as a retail manager for the past four years. I do love expressing myself through style. However, my dream profession would be something related to my criminal justice degree.

Q: What got you passionate to become a business owner and create home decor?

I have a home of my own and absolutely fell in love with decorating it. The more I added in details, the more I thought of how cool it would be if I could add those special details into someone else's home and bring them that same joy.

I look up to Dazey LA. She's a female entrepreneur who specializes in ethically made products. I love how her brand is so personal to her and its bright, real and uplifting. Her clothing makes you feel empowered.

Q: What's the importance of creating a good environment for your home and does art help with that?

I believe that a good environment is vital in encoring a good mood and providing you with a space to grow. Art helps bring inspiration to everyday life. It inspires me to be my most creative self.

Q: What are your goals in 2019?

The main goal of 2019 is to grow AshsToAshs.

Q: What can you say to someone that wants to start their own business?

Just go for it.

Q: How has the social media platform change the way you're able to produce and be creative and reach people?

It helps you reach people that you wouldn't normally get to reach. It helps reinforce your brand and spread your message.

You can discover more of her beautiful handmade pots on her Instagram @_ashstoash_

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