10 Summery Heels for You

10 Summery Heels You Need In Your Wardrobe

Which Pair Will You Be Wearing?


Who said that black can't be worn in the summer, or pompoms should be left for good in the girl's section of local department stores? This summer, defy the odds and break fashion "rules" by picking up a new pair of summery heels. Scroll through this list of some of the trendiest yet groundbreaking styles of heels and see which style suits you the most.

Gingham heels

Gingham Heels


The print that made its epic comeback this summer, gingham heels are all the buzz. Pair these heels with your favorite pair of jeans, solid colored sundress, or even a short suit set and you will have heads turning!

Light blue heels

Light Blue Heels


Light blue heels are definitely in style this season and to be completely fair, they have every right to be! This color goes so well with all shades of denim, pastels, and even prints that it wouldn't make sense not to pair these with classic staple pieces in your closet.

Zip up heels

Zip up Heels


One of my personal favorites on this list, zip-up heels are the edgy heel everyone should have in their lives. Since I have such a love for combat boots and zip-up boots, these heels are definitely ones I would incorporate in my day to day wardrobe. They have the ability to give a look the perfect edge needed to bring a look from an 8 to a 10.

​Milennial Pink heels

Milennial Pink Heels


Millennial Pink has been very trendy since 2016, but that does not mean this shade of pink is going out of style anytime soon. Pairing this color shoe with an outfit is sure to not just give your outfit a girl touchy but brownie points in any stylist's book.

Brown Neutral Heels

Brown Neutral Heels


While the pair pictured above is more of sandal, any version of a brown neutral heel will be sure to compliment a summery outfit in the best way possible. Personally, I always lean towards pairing most outfits with black shoes, but in the hot summer months, brown shoes will give your look a light and more bohemian vibe that you may never want to wear a black pair of shoes again.

Snakeskin heels

Snakeskin Heels


Whether they are faux or authentic, snakeskin heels are such a statement piece that they will most certainly be the game changing piece in your closet this summer.

Pompom heels

Pompom Heels


These heels are so cute and playful that they can make even the plainest of outfits look stylish! Also, I've noticed some stores and websites sell pompom totes and wristlets that would definitely complete this look in the most fashionable way possible.

Dressy blinged-out heels

Dressy Bling Heels


Whether it's a night on the town or a graduation party, blinged out heels will give any dress, romper, or jumpsuit the attention it deserves! While blingy heels come in any color, it is best to pick up silver, bronze, and gold tones first as they usually go with the most patterned and colored outfits.

Black strappy heels

Black Strappy Heels


By far one of the most iconically classic heels on this list, black strappy heels have never gone out of style and hopefully they never will. Stars for decades have popularized this shoe in the media and because of its popularity, you can find this type of heel in almost any department store or shoe store.

Yellow-pointed heels

Yellow Pointed Heels


No matter the height or style of the heel, yellow pointed heels are IN season. Yes, they are bold and rather eccentric for some settings and occasions, but they demand attention and that is what I love about them!

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