8 Summer Goals that are still attainable

8 Summer Goals that are still attainable

They are still in reach.


Let's face it. Summer is almost over. It is almost time to go back to school and get back into the swing of things for the next nine months. Even though it is the end of July, these goals are still attainable and are able to be reached.

1. Lose weight.


This can be done at any time of the year but most people strive to lose weight in the summer because they are not as busy and can work out and it's easier to eat healthily.

2. Read x many books.


There is still plenty of time to hunker down with a good book either on the beach or in the woods or on your couch. If you dedicate time to reading, you will be able to accomplish your book goal.

3. Travel.


Even if you don't go far, there is still a lot of time to get in your car and go on an adventure.

4. See or hangout with your friends.


There are still a few weeks left before people start going back to school, which is more than enough time to see your friends or hangout with them at least one more time before everyone goes back to school.

5. Make some money.


There may not be many jobs available, but there might be something that you find even if it is just a few hours a week that can make you a little money.

6. Get a new hobby.


Before you go back to school, you can still pick up a new hobby that you can take with you to school.

7. Go shopping.


There is more than enough time to go on a shopping spree before school starts and get some new and cute clothes.

8. Get a tan.


Summer isn't over yet! you can still hit the beach and work on that sweet tan.

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Bailey Posted A Racist Tweet, But That Does NOT Mean She Deserves To Be Fat Shamed

As a certified racist, does she deserve to be fat shamed?

This morning, I was scrolling though my phone, rotating between Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Snapchat again, ignoring everyone's snaps but going through all the Snapchat subscription stories before stumbling on a Daily Mail article that piqued my interest. The article was one about a teen, Bailey, who was bullied for her figure, as seen on the snap below and the text exchange between Bailey and her mother, in which she begged for a change of clothes because people were making fun of her and taking pictures.

Like all viral things, quickly after her text pictures and harassing snaps surfaced, people internet stalked her social media. But, after some digging, it was found that Bailey had tweeted some racist remark.

Now, some are saying that because Bailey was clearly racist, she is undeserving of empathy and deserves to be fat-shamed. But does she? All humans, no matter how we try, are prejudiced in one way or another. If you can honestly tell me that you treat everyone with an equal amount of respect after a brief first impression, regardless of the state of their physical hygiene or the words that come out of their mouth, either you're a liar, or you're actually God. Yes, she tweeted some racist stuff. But does that mean that all hate she receives in all aspects of her life are justified?

On the other hand, Bailey was racist. And what comes around goes around. There was one user on Twitter who pointed out that as a racist, Bailey was a bully herself. And, quite honestly, everyone loves the downfall of the bully. The moment the bullies' victims stop cowering from fear and discover that they, too, have claws is the moment when the onlookers turn the tables and start jeering the bully instead. This is the moment the bully completely and utterly breaks, feeling the pain of their victims for the first time, and for the victims, the bully's demise is satisfying to watch.

While we'd all like to believe that the ideal is somewhere in between, in a happy medium where her racism is penalized but she also gets sympathy for being fat shamed, the reality is that the ideal is to be entirely empathetic. Help her through her tough time, with no backlash.

Bullies bully to dominate and to feel powerful. If we tell her that she's undeserving of any good in life because she tweeted some racist stuff, she will feel stifled and insignificant and awful. Maybe she'll also want to make someone else to feel as awful as she did for some random physical characteristic she has. Maybe, we might dehumanize her to the point where we feel that she's undeserving of anything, and she might forget the preciousness of life. Either one of the outcomes is unpleasant and disturbing and will not promote healthy tendencies within a person.

Instead, we should make her feel supported. We all have bad traits about ourselves, but they shouldn't define us. Maybe, through this experience, she'll realize how it feels to be prejudiced against based off physical characteristics. After all, it is our lowest points, our most desperate points in life, that provide us with another perspective to use while evaluating the world and everyone in it.

Cover Image Credit: Twitter / Bailey

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6 Reasons You Should Go On A CRU Summer Mission

The two missions I went on were the best summers of my life.


The campus ministry that I have been involved in since freshman year has so many great opportunities but one of the best is the opportunity to go on a summer mission. I have personally been on two summer missions and they were the best summers of my college career.

In honor of #GOVEMBER I have compiled a list of reasons why everyone should spend at least one summer on a CRU Summer Mission and if you aren't convinced after reading I will gladly meet with you in person and tell you stories and show you videos. I am very passionate about summer missions because of how valuable the two I went on have been to my walk with God.

1. They are so much fun

College is the best time of your life right? Well you know what you don't want to do during your college summers? Go home and be bored! There's an easy solution, just go on a summer mission.

2. They look great on a resume

You know what most people can't do after their freshman year? Get a good internship. You know what I did after my freshman year? Went on a summer mission! I still haven't gotten a good internship, or one at all for that matter but let's not focus on that. Summer missions are unique and also a level playing field. You don't have to have a stellar GPA or research hours to be a great fit for a summer mission, but they provide you leadership training, relationship building, and conflict resolution opportunities.

3. They are absolutely unique

There is no other place where you will drive ten hours, meet fifty new people, be randomly assigned to a small group of a few of them and then have to share your life story on the first full day after you arrive. There's also no other experience that involves spending a summer in another state to work in the convenience store of a large surf store counting cigarettes but I can proudly say I did that on my first summer mission. Summer missions are composed of many experiences that would not happen in any other circumstance, and it is great.

4. The community is unrivaled

When you share your life story and hear others share theirs after knowing each other for less than 24 hours you make fast friendships. ANd not surface level friendships either. Lasting ones.

5. They *may* include a dream job

Some people find internships in their field in a location of a CRU Summer Mission (and some people count cigarettes every day). I'm kidding, I'm kidding though that is what I did for the summer. But the next summer I got the opportunity to go on another CRU Summer Mission to Fort Collins, CO where I got to hold babies for 40 hours a week. Which is indeed my dream job, diapers and all.

6. It will be the best summer of your life

I don't say this lightly. Both of the summer missions I went on were such eye opening experiences. I wouldn't trade a single part of either of them because the good and the bad truly made up the most wonderful summers full of adventures, first time experiences, and the best friendships I have ever made.

Now that you are ready to experience this for yourself go ahead and apply now! You can apply on Cru's website.

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